Uniswap hosting your platform in decentralized service Sia

Key facts:

For Uniswap accommodation in traditional places is not suitable for decentralized systems.The decision allows the house of change to delve into his philosophy as part of the ecosystem DeFi.The house of change decentralised Uniswap announced on march 11 that has accommodation decentralized in the cloud, thanks to its alliance with Sia, a platform that offers storage without intermediaries. In this way, the bag of cryptocurrencies elaborates on his philosophy of providing autonomy to the users as part of the ecosystem of the finances decentralized (DeFi).The house instead he used a tweet to announce to its users that now their platform is hosted on the server of decentralized storage Sia, what he considers a remarkable fact, taking into account that “the hosting of web sites is usually a weak point for decentralized systems”.After the world was impacted by the rise of the DeFi and the individuals discovered that they can borrow, lend, trade, invest, exchange, cover, and store cryptocurrencies reliably thanks to the growing number of financial applications decentralized, has also subsequently been growing in the ecosystem uncertainty about how you can really maintain decentralization. Above all, while the continuation of the trend of host platforms in traditional web sites and centralized, from where you can slow down or close with a successful service DeFi.More recently, decentralized platforms have been under the magnifying glass of the community after the double attack that received bZx, which generated criticisms and discussions around decentralisation and centralisation in the ecosystem. For example, Jameson Lopp said that he was not sure that it is possible to reduce the risk of DeFi. This, especially, considering that “the complexities and the attack surface for this system are on the rise”Recently Uniswap also sparked criticisms and doubts regarding the decentralization after blocking access to its website to residents of Cuba, and nine other countries, censoring a group of users and limiting their financial rights because of legal reasons or policies.Responding to this storm of criticism, the platform decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies, decided to ally with Sia, which offers storage in its chain of blocks, bringing the advantage of the fact that there are no intermediaries.

Sia bases its operation in the technology blockchain and contracts smart stored in the string block to own the platform. Also, this service allows any user to rent the free space of your hard drive to create a global network of distributed storage.In other words, Sia is a network of P2P storage that houses many small fragments of encrypted information saved between the ‘host’ of storage around the world, thus eliminating the figure of a centralized server.

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