United states : hackers take it to a retirement home

November 29, 2019 by Océane

Attacks by ransomware do it the unusual way and choose their target so as to assault the most vulnerable. Recently, hackers have paralysed a chain of nursing homes american.

Tens of thousands of Bitcoin against data owned

By seizing the computer systems of the computer company Wisconsin, Virtual Care Provider Inc. (VCPI), the Ryuk ransomware has convicted more than a hundred retirement homes american.
These last are not currently able to provide the care to their patients, because they will not be able to access their personal information, that if retirement homes agree to pay a ransom of us $ 14 million in bitcoin.
In fact, it is the company VCPI who has been in charge of the provision of services from the cloud data of these retirement homes. In the Face of the disorders caused by this hacking, Karen Christianson, the CEO of VCPI, is concerned greatly for the fate of its customers, in view of the inability to pay the ransom.

“We have this small assisted living center that is a single unit that is connected to the billing. If they do not receive their invoice in Medicaid before the 5 December, they close their doors “, she said.

A virus is incredibly prolific

Reported for the first time in mid 2018, Ryuk is a new strain of ransomware is particularly dangerous.
Its operation not only allows the hackers to take control of the devices of its victims, but also the selection of targets. Subsequently, the gangsters resort to blackmail denominated in crypto-currencies, after having encoded the data.
Earlier this year, several companies and governmental institutions across Canada have suffered consequential damages because of the malicious actions of the software Ryuk.
And a little earlier in the month of July, the us court had also experienced attacks from the same software, according to Ars Technica.
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