Up to 9.400 dollars provides for a more global interest in Bitcoin

On Wednesday, april 29, it was the best day for bitcoin is at times. Within 24 hours, the time flew by, the share price by more than 20 percent, or up to 9.400, the $ 8.650 million). Moving it up makes sure that the bitcoin is back in the spotlight, is. And not just in the us or in the Netherlands as well as in China.

Bitcoin is trending in China

According to Samson Mow, Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, will there be plenty of talk about bitcoin. It is especially popular on Weibo. This is a kind of Twitter in China. Weibo has more than 400 million active users.
In the picture of the Mow, it is seen that there is nearly a half-million times, has been ‘tweeted’ about bitcoin in China.

Gave up the Asian market for the final push to the summit of the 9.400 bucks? That would be good to be able to. At 02:00 am local time is 08:00, China (China Standard Time). That is consistent with the recent move up of 8,700 usd 9.400 usd.

Google trends also shows a rise in the interest

So it would be good to be able to the rise in the price of yesterday, caused more interest in China. But it is not just in China, it is in the interest of higher worldwide, you can see the same trend. The chart below shows how many times it has been searched for in bitcoin, and the data is coming from Google.
The interest is displayed as an index, where 0 means that there is no interest and 100 means that there is record interest in the match. The whole week was the interest in bitcoin was fairly stable, up until last night. Globally, it was the man from yesterday, more to bitcoin is searched for in the rest of the week.

It is remarkable that the interest, according to Google, largely based in Africa, primarily in Nigeria, south africa, South Africa and Ghana, there is often a search for bitcoin. According to Cointelegraph, the interest in bitcoin in Nigeria, as Nigerians don’t have a PayPal transaction may be received from outside the country. This is why they are looking into alternatives such as bitcoin.
If everyone is using a virtual private network.

A lot of searches for bitcoin, and counting

Finally, there has been a lot to a bitcoin search, in combination with the keyword count. We can only guess, but which, in our opinion, that can only mean one thing. The cryptogemeenschap is counting down to the bitcoin block halving, which will probably be on Tuesday, may 12, takes place. During the bitcoin block halving, the reward for miners is reduced by half. How exactly is it? We can do that, perhaps it’s best to explain with a video:

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