VeChain creates solutions to purchase real estate

January 19, 2020 by Océane

The project Blockchain VeChain has already proven to have helped solve the problems of many industrial companies around the world. It has decided to expand its services by incorporating this time the real estate purchases.

VET on the front of the stage

The company Blockchain Shanghai, VeChain sign an agreement of partnership which will transform certainly the trajectory of the business. Alongside the society of legal solution Jur, VeChain creates a new concept that consists in the purchase of a property token native VET.
In the framework of this partnership, the mission of Jrb concentrates in the supply of commercial agreements according to the legal standards and safety regulations. The aim would be to facilitate payments with the token VET, and smoothly and automated.
In its official blog, Jrb explains:

“We are building a comprehensive set of commercial agreements secured for the purchase of properties and the rental with a flow, based on the Blockchain, which manages the receiver and unlocks the money based on the milestones achieved and audited by a validator third parties “.

In addition, the roles of Jur are not limited in a purely technical, because the partnership will place the company as the head of the hierarchical organization in VeChain according to a legal point of view, particularly in the context of its administrative management.

VeChain, a project deserving

If in its early stages, the project VeChain was restricted to the resolution of supply chain issues, its ambitions have largely contributed to enhance its range of services in recent years.
At the present time, the project spreading its benefits to sectors the most diverse, with luxury products, automation, agriculture, logistics and even retail.
Another detail that is not least, the value of the token follows the general evolution of the ecosystem, with an increase daily of 6%, which would double probably during the next few months.
What do you think of this partnership newly sealed ? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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