VeChain is used to COVID-19 the test result to store

The mediterranean cuisine to a Hospital in Cyprus, it uses the blockchaintoepassing of VeChain to COVID-19 test at the store. According to a tweet from the VeChainInsider, that is all the news on VeChain as it unfolds.

Test the app

VeChain has teamed up with the health care organization, I-Dante-is an application that has been developed in order to test at the store. This is a platform for E-NewHealthLife, and the app is called the E-HCert. The mediterranean cuisine to a Hospital in Cyprus, make use of this app.

The application that stores the medical data in the blockchain by VeChain. This is a blockchainproject that it is primarily concerned with the efficient processing of data in logistics and the supply chain. However, in the pharmaceutical industry, the technology of VeChain also be used.

Cypriot citizens who are at the hospital and will be testing for the feline corona virus. There will be a diagnosis and will be tested for antibodies. The results of these tests are to be encrypted, hashed, and then upload it to the VeChainTor blockchain. Users can also look at the E-HCert application.

The owner of your own data

You can use the app to see it kind of as a wallet, but instead of cryptomunten to manage your medical records. The E-HCert App will show right after the processing of the data in the blockchain, the test results and gives the user complete control over their data, and medical records.

The app can also be used to determine the current state of health and to prove it to you. In this way can government policies, for example, to prove that they are healthy enough to return to work, a trip to the public record, and to allow for other activities as well.

On the website of the E-HCert, the app is designed to facilitate a return to’ normal’. But somewhere else on the page, it says that in the future, other test results, the corona virus that can be processed. Thus, it is possible that the app, even after a corona wire is used.

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