VeChain (VEN): Reasons Why a Price Rebound Is Inevitable – Complete Analysis

VeChain (VEN): Reasons Why a Price Rebound Is Inevitable – Complete Analysis

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With the recent hit taken by the digital currency market, the majority of the big names in the crypto game are left scrambling and trying to mitigate the bleeding. With the dip hopefully out of sight, companies are figuring out ways to work and rebound from the storm. Eight weeks of declining prices is a very rough hole to dig out. Many are confident and hopeful to make a huge splash when it comes to rebound. Rebounding to maybe even higher plateaus is VeChain (VEN).

Launching Their Main Net

VeChain (VEN) has announced that come June 30, their main net should go online. In just a few months, the outlook for the currency is already looking bright, not only because with the release of their main net but also prices are expected to soar. VEN investors will surely be given something to hope for as the launch of VEN’s main net is not something to sleep on.

It goes without saying that currencies running on their platform outperform those that do not because they are given more value. Investors are confident to choose cryptocurrencies being the main focus of a network. By the end of June, VEN will be among that same company of big names.

Stamping Their Name on Bithumb

On April 2, the founder of VeChain announced that they would be listed on Bithumb. This is a big deal since it is one of the most prominent and most well-known exchange platforms in South Korea. Being one of the coins listed, it could only mean an increase in value that comes with the added interest and accessibility for investors potentially coming from Korea.

Gaining Traction With Some Friends

VeChain (VEN) has recently come to terms with Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co., LTD., in agreement with a partnership deal. This partnership came as a result of VeChain’s fantastic automobile solution that garnered interest from the company. With Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co., LTD., providing valuable data services to VEN, prices shouldn’t go anywhere but up, and this will only help with VEN’s bright future ahead.

The recent events helped VEN, as the latest update of the market shows that VEN has risen to 3.77% against the dollar and is trading in the green once more.

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