Venezuela : Nicolas Maduro performs an airdrop of petros to the doctors

April 10, 2020 by Océane

In order to support medical staff at a time when the Covid-19 hits Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro will provide a grant to doctors of the country via crypto-currencies. Following the declaration of a government official, the operation will be performed via an airdrop of Petro, the token national digital launched by the presidency since 2018.

Grants in Petros for doctors

In Europe, in Africa, in Asia as in America, the medical staff carries the heavy responsibility to support the victims of the Covid-19. In each State affected by the pandemic, the political institutions that apply to provide physicians and the medical profession the best tools and treatments to support them in this dangerous mission leaves to double, or even triple their salaries.
In Venezuela, the current president Nicolas Maduro has also taken the lead to support the medical body, today’s overwhelmed hospitals in the country. Following its recent statement, an initiative called “Doctors of the Homeland” will be implemented in order to pay ” a ” Petro in each account of the doctors.

A gap to promote the crypto-currency

As a result of yet another attempt by the government to democratize its digital currency, which is now indexed to the price of a barrel of oil national, this airdrop could be an important lever in the mission outreach of the asset.
In fact, the Petro has long been a crypto-currency on a small scale on the market and this is reflected in a trading volume of very low. In this case, the asset is listed for half-price on the majority of crypto-exchanges, then it is formally indexed to the price of a barrel of oil from venezuela according to the government, that is, 30 dollars approximately.
The reason for this devaluation chronic Petro is based on the low liquidity of the token, which is owned by a small handful of Venezuelans, despite the relentless campaign of the government for its use. On the other hand, the political conflict and trade between the United States and the Venezuela impacts directly on the confidence of the community in crypto assets.
Today, the Petro plays his trump card, since the absence of subsidies to fiat currency, the free distribution of a single token in a digital account of a doctor is equivalent to several months salary, which will not fail to reverse the trend on the reputation of the long-term asset.
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