VeriArti develops a new payment option on Review

The 4 million e-merchants on the platform, the Review can now accept payments in VET , the crypto-currency native to the network VeChain. VeriArti, the digital market specialist in the art and collection objects that are based on VeChain, has the effect of creating a plugin to make possible this option.

More than a simple means of payment

Baptized Thor Trade, the plugin VeriArti will be the joy of the e-merchants to Review, because it allows for the conversion of fiat currencies into the VET and the purchase of tokens for non-fungible (NFT) on the same platform.
In other words, Thor Trade would be, therefore, an instrument designed to automatically convert tokens VET, which will be beneficial to the traders since the latter can balance the number of tokens may be purchased according to the equivalent price in fiat currency.
In order to facilitate the process, the address the VET as well as the QR code, the merchant will be displayed on the payment page. In addition, the status of the customers order will be automatically updated in the shop Review.

Further development in the future

If the introduction of Thor Trade V. 1 has been beneficial for traders, the activation of the second version will be dedicated to payments in chips VeThor (VTHO).
For information, e-traders on the platform Review accept currently, more than fifty digital currencies, many of stablecoins. At the same time, the number of plugins crypto-payment and ongoing partnerships is gradually.
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