Victims of the hack of cryptocurrency exchange-Cryptopia-step closer to redemption

For more than a year ago, there was a New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange-Cryptopia is hacked, the hacker had more than $ 16 million on-air PAGE-20 of tokens to be extracted. A year later, there is finally some good news for the users of the exchange. The supreme court of New Zealand has made two public statements about the case.
The report is 74 pages, but one thing is very important: cryptomunten are included in the ‘property sheet’. Despite the fact that the tokens are held in a joint account, the user is the owner of the coins, and it is not in the room.

The good news, but to skepticism

This means that the hacked exchange that can be transferred to the refund of the user, without having a legally complicated process to have to go through. At last, a ray of hope in the new episode of Cryptopia, after months and months of uncertainty for all parties involved.
However, some users are skeptical. So, responding to someone on Twitter:

When and how will we get our coins back? We do not expect that every time you a long report to read. Your report need to be summarised into specific decisions and actions.’

Another user asks why it has lasted so long: ‘it Took a year before it come to this?’
Both are valid questions, because it is not clear as to how and when to Cryptopia to its customers in the latest. Also, it is interesting to note that in the years prior to the supreme court with the clarity it obtained in how to Cryptopia, the funds from its customers to run.
However, the former clients of the Cryptopia are now one step closer to the release of their cryptomunten. And it looks like it has Cryptopia is still plenty to do.

Not your keys, not your coins

It is to save on your cryptomunten on an on-line exchange, remains a risk. Not only Cryptopia, but also on the crypto-exchanges, Binance and QuadrigoCX have been in the news because of the hack.
If you really want to be sure that your cryptocurrency safe to be? You can have that, it is best to have a hardware wallet. That is, it is a physical device that allows you to access your cryptomunten. Access to the private keys offline on a device is preserved. In this way, you are always safe from hacking!

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