Virtual world of Decentraland will open its doors this month of February

Decentraland, the platform of virtual reality built on Ethereum, is opening its doors to a public launch the next 20th of February, which includes the decentralization of the entire infrastructure of the game, including the communication within this world, and the distribution of the content. This means that everything that happens within the platform will begin to depend on their users.Through a statement on its web site, the company announced the launch of the world of virtual games that has been developing since 2015 when they opened a gateway that allowed the public to experience the metaverse in which to become Decentraland.The company also announced a activity of four days to welcome the public in the virtual world, for which we invite you to search for a hidden treasure. The event will take place in the central city Genesis (Genesis City), and consists in allowing players to collect a variety of tokens non-expendable (non-consumable token, or NFT for its acronym in English).

From now on, no agent shall have the power to modify the rules of the software, select the contents of LAND, to modify the economy of MANA, to update the contract smart LAND unilaterally, or to prevent others from accessing the world, among other functions, decentralization.Decentraland.

In the plots of Decentraland, players can create anything, literally. Among the creations that have been shared through the platform there are scenes of King’s Landing from the tv series Game of Thrones, Minecraft City Building Project, the game of building structures to Minas Tirith, the film production the lord of The rings, among others.

On Instagram, Decentraland shows details of their worlds. In the video above, presents the earth’s Medieval Square, which has majestic lounges, quaint villages and even a dragon.

The community question

The company has invited its users to establish the organization autonomous decentralized (DAO) Decentraland for the decentralization of the total infrastructure, which means that the users themselves should assume the governance of the metaverse. Despite this, many in the community asking questions. The doubts are accentuated around how it will be a world in which the governance will remain in the hands of the users?The user of Reddit paniclion expressed its concern with regard to the censorship:

Hello, I just discovered this project and this community on the rise. I’ve been reading all about Decentraland during the last few hours, but I have not seen anything on how to handle the censorship in the case of someone buy property and build something controversial, or instead build something widely considered offensive. My question is, what is the process in which the decision is taken to delete what that person has done in their virtual property?

It is likely that the players believe a form of government to provide organization, growth and development of the virtual world.Other users have expressed concerns about the economy that is generated at the site. “After you transfer USD 50 ETH to MANA, I got 1.156,287 MANA. The cheaper package in the Marketplace is around 14,500. Does this mean that a plot of land costs USD 630? Is this correct or is there a cheaper way of owning LAND? It seems like a great barrier of entry for new players”, asked some days ago the user bjone6.The observations with respect to how the property market works virtual Decentraland is not something new. Some time ago that doubts are manifesting, so let the user see TheDevilsAdvokate70 when he directed questions to the company:

If Decentraland is really decentralized and autonomous, then why is it that LAND can only be bought in 1 market and only 1 coin … his coin …? Sorry, but a control singular as this seems to me quite central … why can’t I buy or trade my LAND nft in an exchange as a Wyvern? Isn’t it LAND just a criptokitty more elegant?

In Decentraland players can create, experiment, and monetize content and applications. There it is possible to buy land on which they can build projects to later monetize. In the center of the economy there are two tokens: MANA and LAND. Mana is the currency of the game, while that LAND are tokens non-expendable property of the player.When it comes to speculation, there are no limitations. The terrain in Decentraland are sold for up to 12.000 MANA, which is equivalent to USD 432. The more expensive land to the sale at this time is listed for 800,000 MANA, which is almost $ 30,000.Last September, Decentraland organized a hackathon in line, the event counted with the participation of engineers of Ethereum and game developers, as well as the general public, who must have create designs, digital art, games or any scenario that has to do with virtual worlds. In march 2019, the company held a contest similar, through which it awarded to the best 50 scenarios.

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