Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum is critical of TRON for being a scam

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, recently pointed out to TRON. He believes that the “scam” inherent in the project has scared off the talent of R & D, or research and development. TRON (TRX) is definitely one of the cryptocurrencies most controversial in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its CEO, Justin Sun, take advantage of almost any opportunity to boost your project, from the death of Kobe Bryant until the outbreak of coronavirus. According to Buterin, the project has also been desperately trying to position itself as an alternative to Ethereum with mediocre results. Given the consequences of the last two years, Buterin decided not to contain no hit: For him, TRON is a scam. This is why, in a discussion on the value of the shareholder corporate, Buterin decided to use TRON in an example of how the internal pressure can be a limiting factor within a company. Citing the “scam” inherent in the project, the Sun claims that it has prevented TRON get talent R & D of high quality, despite being valued at $ 1.4 B.

Other considerations on TRON

Also, the founder of Digibyte, Jared Tate called Justin Sun a “scammer sordid” due to his way of promotion. These sentiments have been expressed by many in the industry, and it is undeniable that have severely damaged the ability of TRON to recruit talent. Sun defends TRON of the comments like Buterin what, Then, has damaged the project of Sun thanks to a self-promotion too lenient? According to many in the industry cryptocurrencies, as the founder of Ethereum, the verdict seems to say yes. However, this has recently been criticized for something completely different: changing the rules of its blockchain. The Super-Representatives of TRON voted to increase the rewards per block and to eliminate the overall maximum limit on the number of TRX that may occur. The total supply now exceed 100B TRX, which sounds very similar to the systems trust fugitives that the cryptocurrencies promised to resolve. TRON is still one of the main cryptocurrencies, but with the new startups of blockchain gaining momentum in 2020, we may soon see a bump in the rankings. Ultimately, it all depends on what you decide to the market. Whatever the outcome, it is curious to see how people as influential as Vitalik Buterin can make these statements so freely. But it is certainly not the only one who has thought badly of TRON and its directors. The following two tabs change content below. A degree in Liberal Studies from the Metropolitan University. Lover of innovation and a believer of the technology for the future.

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