Warning!!! Watch out for scams by fraudulent QR codes for Bitcoin payments

Now that the internet exists, there will internetoplichters. This also applies to crypto since Bitcoin does exist, there are scams. There are several different types of scams in the genre. There is, however, a new phenomenon is that the QR code scam.

Bitcoin scams are using QR codes

Several onderzoekes found out that there is a large portion of the pages of Bitcoin to the QR code generators are fake. These sites are out of your money. Forbes, in a press release, reporting on the introduction of these scammy sites.
If a user has a QR code will be generated for its own Bitcoin address and then one of them is created that is linked to the address of the scammer. ZenGo, a wallet, a service provider for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, did some research on this practice.
QR codes are being used more and more often in order to share information between devices. The code is very simple, a charge will be made or a website that can be accessed with just your camera and the image target. Copy and paste it, it is no longer necessary.

Search on Google

If you are using Google to search the web sites that use QR codes, you can make it, you will get direct access to the scam to go. Two of the three sites are fraudulent. The study shows that 80% of all web sites using Google that were searched for) are not reliable.
According to the researchers, for more than $20,000 worth of loot created by this type of scam. They call it their findings are only a ‘tip of the iceberg, ” because the scammers are likely to a regular address in exchange for a spot on a blacklist to prevent it.

At the beginning of the internet age, a lot of fraud with the copy and paste feature is now on a growing scale, with QR codes and much more. The errors are of the view cannot be found and it is very easy to create a similar (scam)service.
The hackers use clever tricks to make it all the more geheimer to make it happen. A Bitcoin address can be different with different letters/numbers to start with. The majority of addresses start with a ” 1 “is a pay-to-script-a” 3 ” and a Bech32 the address starts with ‘bc’. Due to QR codes will generate the same format as the address that is being input is being used, the first storage may not be on it.
Some websites are set up to automatically use the wrong address in the clipboard. If you have more than one address, copy this address automatically (however unintentionally) to the front.


It is, therefore, to be careful, if you’re looking for a QR code of your wallet or not. It can be very easy to go wrong, and you can be there is no one to appoint, except members of society. Be your own bank. There are three tips to ensure that you are in this scam fooled:
Google’s is NOT. Use well-known websites such as blockexplorers
Verify. Make sure the QR code is transferred to the address match. This can be done simply by scanning the code with your own mobile phone.
The use of add-ons for your browser, such as CryptoNite) in order to notify you as soon as you’re on a dangerous path to go.
Source: ZenGo
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