Waves creates a non-profit association in Frankfurt

February 8, 2020 by Clementine

In order to improve the management of its ecosystem based on technology of the big registry distributed (DLT) and provide more performance to the protocols of the Blockchain are public and private, Waves is launching a new approach is rarely practised by the sector. As well, the association at Waves, a non-profit association subject to German courts, was born in Frankfurt.

A point of inflection in the history

In a recent press release, the platform Blockchain Waves has pointed out that this is a very important moment in the history of the ecosystem, given that six countries, including Russia, Portugal, Germany, the netherlands, Spain and Switzerland share the same vision and contribute to this cause.
In this case, the founder of Waves, Alexander Ivanov hopes that this new perspective will increase the number of users and developers interested in the platform. Similarly, it also aims, as a member of the association, to earn the trust of other crypto-enthusiasts to share their opinion on the Blockchain within the organization.

An organization’s technical and legal in place

The association Waves co-operates with university research centres, the State governments and global companies. Thus, the contracts, the decision-making of the members, the management is decentralised and the votes have to be from the tools of type DAO and solutions based on the Blockchain.
Still according to the press release, the association intends to support the infrastructure Waves with the support of Gravity Hub, which is a protocol suitable to solve the interoperability issues independently of the Blockchain.
Nevertheless, the association of Waves will be referred to German tax law. Winheller a law firm, the most skillful of Frankfurt, has been hired to serve as legal counsel to the association, given the specialization of the firm in the non-profit institutions, taxation, and crypto-currencies.
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