What are the Whales Bitcoin?

In the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies it is common to use metaphors with animals to represent the most important actors that influence this market so fascinating. You may have already heard of bulls and bears, to make a comparison to the market bullish and bearish, respectively. As a graphical representation of those who act in a certain position. Below we will tell you about the whales Bitcoin. That’s why when you hear or read of bulls, refers to the people, investors, and buyers that act on the market. They push prices to the upside on any particular asset. Otherwise, you have sellers who are committed to pushing the market to a bearish trend, normally called Bears.

Whales Bitcoin in action

The actions of significant movements on the part of some addresses Bitcoin in particular, usually belong to an exchange, personality, or institution in particular, with the ability to move significant amounts of money in criptos. These are called Whales Bitcoin. Wallets that are mobilized with high amounts of BTC, they are referred to as ‘Whales of Bitcoin’. It is for this reason that when we read an article which made reference to whales or crypto whales, is nothing more than an address of a wallet that has a large amount of that coin or token. To define what amount is ideal for that wallet is listed as a whale, it is a difficult task to determine. So the term many times is free of interpretation. However, Whale Alert, a site dedicated to monitor in real time the actions of these whales, set to the case of Bitcoin, a minimum of 1000 BTC. Investors more heavy space-cryptographic are typically coined under this term. And, in general, the whales ‘ BTC are the ones that make larger movements as hedge funds and mutual funds of Bitcoin, because it is rarely observed by technical issues related to market, exchange by setting buy and sell orders for more than 1000 BTC.

Whales most famous

Between the whales, known more famous we have to Panther Capital, Coin Capital Partners, Falcon Global Capital, among others. However, it is important to note that it is not always their identity is known. One of the reasons why the whales are buying outside of the exchanges, it is not influence so sharply in the price of the Bitcoin, or to avoid emptying the books of orders. With an important mass of capital, institutions can move the market when and as they wish. Here is where the metaphor of “whales and dolphins” makes sense, because when a whale approaches a shoal or flock of dolphins, the species most small open passage. Thus we find also that those movements average above 500 BTC can be categorised as dolphins. It is worth noting that their frequency is much lower. However, many analysts are of the idea that while the whales deal more amounts of money, are the dolphins finally manipulate the market greater amount of times. Finally, what every player in the market, crypto should bear in mind, is that the whales come to manipulate the market at its whim in order to obtain a net benefit at the end of his actions. It may be downward or upward, depending on your strategy is long or short.

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