What do you expect the experts of Bitcoin for the last month of the year?

Already almost finished by the year 2019, and the best way to close is to do a count of what they expect the experts of Bitcoin for this December. The predictions are numerous, so we will take the 3 that, in the opinion of the editor, are the most relevant. There are a wide variety of views, ranging from the extremely optimistic to the not expect good news related to BTC. Both points of view will be discussed below.

Peter Schiff with a forecast bearish

The analyst of Bitcoin, Peter Schiff, brings a forecast is quite bearish for the end of the 2019. According to the expert, the criptomoneda will reach 1,000 dollars before the year ends. The reason given for such a prediction is due to the movement that has shown the market in recent months. Of which, the majority tend to contraction. Therefore, he considers that Bitcoin will reach a point low enough before you start 2020. So what he wanted to do to make it through a posting on his Twitter account.

“Bitcoin is approaching the neck of the top of the head and shoulders that I pointed out before the pump of 25% of the 25 of October. The right shoulder is now shrinks and the neck is inclined and parallel to the shoulders. If it breaks the target price for the dump is of $ 1,000 to complete the pattern.”

Bitcoin near $10,000

But not all are pessimistic. Another of the experts, the Twitter user who calls himself PlanB, ensures that Bitcoin will reach $ 10,000 in December. “Call me crazy, but I would not be surprised if BTC closes, 2019, at $ 10k + … opportunities like this (#bitcoin below the value of the model S2F, 6 months before the half) are rare”. It is for this reason that this expert proposes that there will be an increase in Bitcoin than 40% from current levels. Even ensures that this is a reality, as the past month, the digital currency took the leap second largest daily of the criptomoneda totaled around 42%. This prediction gives hope to that group of the community of cryptographic which is waiting for a new bull market.

How too idealistic?

In contrast to what was stated by the expert cryptographic, another Twitter user expressed his disagreement with the theory of PlanB. This member of the social network is calling Willy Woo and said that the proposal of PlanB was too idealistic to actually materialize in reality.

“We would have to close above 8300 for the end of the month (4 more days), or we will likely have a December bearish to test new lows”. However, the last of the experts is not entirely pessimistic. Said that the 2020 will be a good year for Bitcoin, regardless of how the end of the year. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of International Studies, interested in new technologies and their impact on the world. A true believer that tenacity is the foundation of success.

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