What happens to and in accordance with the BTC Halving?

The Bitcoin exchange rate since the beginning of the year to its green side. At the end of the year 2019, the Bitcoin exchange rate was around 7.300 USD. Within a few weeks, BTC was up over 25% and has pulled some of the Altcoins out of the red. But what next now? How the Situation will develop in the next few weeks and months, the Bitcoin exchange rate?

Bitcoin exchange rate has by skepticism, there is an increased potential for

There are probably a Plethora of reasons that speak for and against an Investment in Bitcoin. Here information asymmetries should not be underestimated. The knowledge about BTC could hardly be more different. Therefore, the assessment of the digital gold of tomorrow is very different. This can easily lead to uncertainties. Especially if you are new in the Crypto Space to do so.
In principle, it is Bitcoin an Investment with a very high degree of risk. The risk is so high, because BTC is not yet fully established and probably the majority of the people of the future success is still in doubt. But it is precisely this skepticism has the potential to be a strong price increase in the future. If, in fact, currently, each Bitcoin would believe and would have invested, then this would not be much air to the top and we have currently a other Bitcoin exchange rate before your eyes.
Therefore, anyone who pulls out an Investment consideration should be, first of all, with the Fundamentals of Bitcoin deal with. Only after months and years of information, you can see the big picture and can put the information gained to the correct location and rate. Bitcoin is like the Wolf in sheep’s clothing. He offers a lot more than at first or second glance. But now we come back to the Bitcoin exchange rate and the possible course in the next few months.

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Bitcoin Halving, HODL waves and Mainstream

One of the most important events in this year, the Bitcoin Halving is in may 2020. We have already reported several times about it and, in principle, all opportunities identified that could occur. Personally, I’m of the Belief that the BTC Halving has not yet been priced in, and we can expect to may a other Bitcoin rate increase. Although I don’t see any incredible price jumps and a new all-time high to may – from a certain Pricing but I am convinced.
The BTC, which were not more than moving a year (HODL waves) to come. Currently this number stands at about 11.5 million Bitcoin. Over 60% of outstanding BTC. This not only reduces the natural supply in the markets, but also encourages other investors to follow a similar investment strategy. Up to the Halving even more Mainstream will be popping up-the media and the Bitcoin exchange rate Sow through the town hunting. ARD has already made the first step in the right direction and a BTC article is not published, is not only very bullish, but also explicitly on the upcoming Bitcoin Halving is received.
Further, we can see that the Hashrate reached inexorably again and again set new records. This demonstrates a certain confidence of the Miner in BTC. An investment in Mining Equipment and infrastructure is almost always long-term in nature. Although the hash rate is always based on the Bitcoin exchange rate and not the other way around but, nevertheless, it shows that security and trust in the network is not up to date.

Bitcoin price forecast up to and after the Halving

Up to the Halving itself, I reckon, as already mentioned above, with a other Bitcoin rate increase. Then it should go at the Event, back down and maybe for several months, so a kind of short-term trend reversal. Only when the supply shock power due to the halving of the inflation rate to the markets, will rise the Bitcoin price back to the top. The last two Bullruns are held approximately 12-18 months after the Halving.
This expectation is based on my personal conclusions and the values of the past. There is no guarantee that the listed course is the same occur. Who knows moved some time in the Crypto Space is that it is often irrational and the market in the end, he does what wants.
No matter how the next few months will be the impact on the Bitcoin price and the direction in which it is run, Bitcoin has a long-term huge potential, which can have a glimpse of the Most up to now not even. In the long term, if BTC does not destroy itself, there is a high probability that the Bitcoin price will continue to rise. All of the characters are currently on green. We are excited to see what will happen in the next few months and will keep you here with all of the major events to date.

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How will the Bitcoin price, in your opinion, in the next few months?
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