What is behind the mysterious Halving message?

After 4 long years the hotly-anticipated Bitcoin Halving took place on the evening of 11.05. After my colleague Ilya has already thrown yesterday a look at the impact on the course, as well as other On-Chain data, I would like to throw in this article a closer look at the Bitcoin Block 629999 and the contained in the mysterious message.First of all: The euphoria around the Halving sets slowly, and so we will focus in the next days and weeks, also more General News about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. The conclusion of the series on the topic of Bitcoin Halving this article now forms, as contained in the message is likely to have a longer validity and impact for posterity. In this sense, much fun with the article!

Bitcoin Block 629999: The last Block to 12.5 BTC

Who is it that deals a little with blockchains, and I think they know that time is not in minutes, but in blocks. In consequence of this, the Bitcoin is held Halving precisely every 210,000 blocks. There’s a Block in the average (!) every 10 minutes is found, we expect the average 4 years.Back to blocks: every 210,000 blocks means that the third Halving must take place in the history of Bitcoin, when the Block of 630,000. In today’s article but it’s not exactly the “Halvingblock”, but the Block with the number 629.999. In other words: It is the last Block that brought the miners still have an old Block Reward of 12.5 BTC.The 4 most important Investment rules: again and again the question of a good Investment is made strategy. In this article, we will summarize all of the reasons Dos and Don’ts when Investing in Bitcoin. If you invest in Bitcoin and want to serve you in those Investment rules as a guide. To the rules of the 4 Investment.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the Genesis block, and the mysterious message

Now we come to the Genesis Block and the current, (more or less) mysterious message from the Block 629.999. Some of you will know with certainty that the Genesis Block is the first Block on the Bitcoin Blockchain mined.In him was manifested Satoshi Nakamoto, the Motivation for Bitcoin and the associated side-swipe at the global financial policy. In addition, he has demonstrated that the Genesis block exists will not be created. It was said on 03.01.2009, the first day of the Blockchain:

The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.’

At that time, mankind felt for the first time in a long time a global financial and economic crisis. Parallel to the present time (although differences exist) had to be rescued the banks and the economy to be stimulated with liquidity in the Form of increased amounts of money.As a tribute to the time and the current turmoil in and around Corona, the message that was left in the Block 629.999 now. We take a look at it.

The message in the Bitcoin Block 629.999

All the relevant Information for this Block can help you on the following page: click follow me. For our part, a piece of Information, however, is especially relevant: the Coinbase Data, as well as the Miner.In the following Screenshot, we see the two just mentioned, attributes:First of all, we note that the Chinese mining pool by the name of F2Pool has found the last Block. In this Block, behind the mining pool and left a message, which could possibly take longer:

NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3 T Injection, the Fed’s Plan Far Exceeds the 2008 Rescue

In English, the message can be translated: NYTimes, 09.April 2020 With a cash injection of 2.3 trillion US dollars in the plans of the Federal Reserve exceed the bailout of 2008.

What we can conclude from this message end?

The conclusion should be relatively clear: 11 years after the first Bitcoin Block and the then prevailing financial crisis has not improved the monetary Situation. The referenced article shows in the past and proves that the measures to maintain the economic, have to be at the present time even significantly more serious than it was the case in 2008. The Message is a clear homage to the message of Satoshi Nakamoto and a plea for a monetary policy that is oriented more to the Austrian school than the Keynesian economic policy.In this sense, we can throw the next Halving in 4 years, curious to what state the world economy is, and whether we continue to pursue a monetary policy of Expansion.How do you like the message in the Block 629.999 and what do you think about that?

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