What is the potential of the criptomoneda QTUM?

Occupant of the place 45 in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with a current price of USD 1,48. QTUM is one of the projects that has rapidly gained popularity in the ecosystem, crypto, and this has a reason. If you are interested in knowing your potential in the medium term, stay to read this article.

What is QTUM?

Registered in Singapore, but destined to be a global project, currently with development teams in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. QTUM is born with the purpose of get the better of the 2 largest and concentrating it in a single currency. Bitcoin takes the safety and security of Ethereum contracts smart. Your string uses contracts with smart to implement the model UTXO. Thanks to this, completely avoids the potential risk of spending double spending of coins is not existing, through an accounting system that indicates the currencies available to be used. With this aspect increases both the safety, as the scalability of the network. The consensus of this string is done through the algorithm of Proof of Participation.

What is the potential of the criptomoneda QTUM?

When you deploy the model UTXO, validated with Proof of Participation, becomes the first criptomoneda in resolving the major problems faced by the larger ecosystem. It is designed to be used by large organizations, thanks to which your network is capable of processing millions of transactions in a fast and safe way. But these are not the only features that has gained ground. It is interoperable with Bitcoin and Ethereum: QTUM provides a contract smart insurance so that their users can inter operate with the 2 larger. With this, the techniques of scalability in which it has worked, may be employed provided that the parties may otherwise agree. Compatible with Segwit: This allows you to reap the benefits of a storage in side chains, removing the unnecessary burden of the main. Using the virtual machine of Ethereum: With this, you ensure that the contracts intelligent ETH and QTUM be executed in both chains, which leads to that any development can be exploited.

Technical analysis for short-and medium-term QTUM

For the moment, it would be very risky to position themselves in shopping in favour of this project, if we consider that the historical trend has been totally bearish and has provided a ROI-negative 77% since its birth. However, that’s not why I want to say that you have that is have to rule out completely. On the contrary, if you like the criptomoneda QTUM by your rationale, you should keep you more alert in the short term before a possible change of perspective for the medium term. This, according to the information obtained from the technical analysis. On September 13, 2017, the day of the launch of this criptomoneda, the price closed at USD 11,94. A year later, would have reached its historical maximum, USD 99,87. Today, the price recovers from its historic low, USD 0,77. However, you still have resistance to break if you want to start to give signals bullish for the medium term. $ 2 is the nearest gate, of quebrarla would open the way to a change of time trend. It would also be the break of the EMA and 8 SMA 18 weeks currently bearish. Technical analysis of QTUM. What is the potential of this criptomoneda? Source: TradingView.

Daily chart

In this time frame the story is repeated, the force upward still it is not enough to give us a good signal of the potential of the criptomoneda QTUM short and medium term. Recently, the EMA and 8 SMA 18 were crossed again to the downside, then reject 2 times, the area around USD 1,7. If this resistance is broken, the short-term trend would be bullish. For the moment, the odds are in favour of the search for supports nearby. Technical analysis daily chart QTUM/USD Source: TradingView. What do you think of the potential of the criptomoneda QTUM? How to recover the bullish trend that had in their first months of life? Let us know your opinion in the comments! All our publications are of an informative nature and in no case should be followed as the advice of investment.

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