What PrimeXBT is looking to expand in Latin America?

As PrimeXBT continues to make a name for himself through word of mouth of the top traders. Gaining additional recognition by taking home prestigious awards, has spread quickly through Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Apparently, now PrimeXBT seeks to bet on Latin America. Recently, the company placed multiple positions in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. This seems to be an aggressive expansion in Latin America: their next stop on their tour of global domination.

The interest in Bitcoin and the trade in traditional markets grow in Latin america

Latin america has experienced an explosive growth in the interest in cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, as well as an increase in the demand for exposure to traditional assets such as gold, oil, equity indices and more. It seems that the company’s strategy is to capitalize on this growing interest in the trade and capture the market share in the prosperous region. The time makes sense. PrimeXBT has seen a trade volume record from which the volatility returned to markets in mid-march. More operators than ever before are turning to PrimeXBT due to its wide range of more than 50 instruments. Meanwhile, there has been a huge increase in the interest in Bitcoin as in the traditional trade in Latin America. More merchants of Latin America have changed cryptocurrencies to traditional markets since the fall of the market’s black Thursday in mid-march. But the interest in Bitcoin is also gaining more strength, as shown in the table below. Highlighting the growth in the volume of trading on LocalBitcoins exchange between peers. Volume Localbitcoins in Brazil on a weekly basis. Source: coin.dance Volume Localbitcoins in Argentina on a weekly basis. Source: coin.dance Volume Localbitcoins in Mexico on a weekly basis. Source: coin.dance, however, the merchants in Latin America have lacked a trading platform based on Bitcoin that offers cryptocurrencies in addition to the traditional assets on which they could rely, up to now.

Job listings point to the global expansion of PrimeXBT in Latin America

PrimeXBT is a trading platform awarded by ADVFN, which is open to the world for all traders. These new job listings mean that the marketing, social media and a campaign that is solid, could suddenly generate awareness in Latin America, starting with Brazil and Argentina. The publications work to recruit customer service representatives, who speak their native language, to their team of live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, added credibility to the theory. A similar pattern was observed before that the platform to increase your strength in other regions. First, the rumors start to spread, then there are job listings. Then, the traders from all over Latin America will share their Nlp and reference links such as forest fires if the cycle is repeated.

Why traders from Latin America will rush to PrimeXBT to make a profit?

Traders in Brazil and Argentina will win easily exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional markets such as the gold, the oil, gas, Forex and major stock indices like ASX 200, thanks to PrimeXBT. Not only there will be abundant opportunities for profit, but that the added value of building a diverse portfolio and is reluctant to risk with a variety of assets has no comparison. Traditional assets are more volatile than ever, and each instrument listed on the list is experiencing both record-breaking increases as flaws in the last few weeks. PrimeXBT offers long and short positions so that the operators can obtain profits irrespective of the way the markets move. The stop loss orders ensure that the volatility explosive never lead to an excessive loss of capital. While the orders of profit-squeeze to the last point of benefits. The charting tools built-in with dozens of the best indicators of technical analysis providing traders with a competitive advantage. Orders can be placed directly by clicking on the graph to get the maximum accuracy. These powerful tools, when combined and placed in the hands of an expert trader, they can raise the capital quickly and efficiently, with minimal exposure to risk.

Get a step ahead: sign up today

PrimeXBT offers a registration process 60 seconds without KYC or personal information required, even for Latin America. The security degree of the banking and the enhanced encryption protecting the funds of the users. In addition, they own two-factor authentication, white list of addresses, and more. After registering, there are several tutorials, a help center and a blog for the company with business councils to help you feel comfortable with the platform. Usually, the next logical step for an operator, after placing your first trade, is to visit the referral program of the platform for more information. A reference link easy share allows operators to generate a second income stream by referring users to the platform. Each reference earns a commission, and every new user referral you register, you will also win the original reference another commission. This is going to four levels of commissions for a program is exceptionally lucrative. The offers of CPA and a program of ambassadors are also on offer for those with followers especially large. To complete the solid supply, there is a growing list of innovative tools. For example, a new feature called Turbo and the other function is currently in beta version, called Covesting. Turbo offering contracts on Bitcoin and ultra short duration at intervals of 30 seconds, one minute and five minutes, and offers up to a 90% gain in 30 seconds. The tool of high risk and high reward is the perfect way to obtain profits when the markets are consolidating in a range of negotiation stalled. The module of management of investment funds is an asset management system peer-to-peer that connects to the main operators and fund managers with investors, in order to obtain synergistic gains. Currently, in beta, PrimeXBT allows operators to test the tool and begin to create a fund before the investment will enable it later. The first funds are already generating more than 300% of ROI. This shows the promise of the tool when it is released in its entirety later in the year. With all of the above, we have barely scratched the surface of what PrimeXBT has to offer. Traders in Latin America will never be the same.

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