What’s next for the BTC price after the Halving? $ 1,200 a large Gap gives an indication of

Welcome to our Bitcoin price analysis at the TA Tuesday on crypto Monday! The third Bitcoin Halving has been brought on yesterday, with a Block of 630,000 successfully on the stage, and as expected, has increased the volatility a little, but otherwise is not happens a lot.Really interesting, however, is what happens before the BTC price on the CME Futures market has the largest Gap in its still young history. This price gap of over$ 1,000 could provide information about how it could be now, in the weeks directly after the Halving, the Bitcoin exchange rate continue to go.Will the upward trend continue? It comes from here come back down?The answers to these questions and more you can find here and now. A Lot Of Fun!Please note: None of this articles listed is to Formulate in any way the trading recommendations. This and the following article are solely for the exchange of information with our readership. Neither crypto Monday nor the author of this text shall be liable for any loss incurred as a result of the trading decisions of our readers. DYOR!Trade the Bitcoin exchange rate with a Leverage of up to 100x, and to secure you in addition to a Bonus of up to$ 90 sign up today for free on Bybit and secure yourself a Bonus of up to$ 90! Here you can not only rising, but also falling share prices. The registration takes 3 minutes and is completely anonymous. Convince you yourself of one of the leading stock exchanges in the market! Sign up now for free

Bitcoin exchange rate has 1.200$ large Cap

Before I start in advance, a small Disclaimer: This analysis is based on the Bitcoin price analysis BitcoinBude.de. For more info, just visit the page and read, for example, the analysis of full-length.After this is clarified, we made us of the. On Monday, the BTC price revealed on the CME Futures market, the biggest Gap in his story.Futures Gaps arise when the beginning of a weekly trading session, the Futures markets have ceased to be significantly different from the closing price of the previous week. This is because, unlike what we are used to in Crypto, paused, here the trade over the weekend. The Bitcoin rate closed on Friday evening with a price of well over$ 10,000 a week and opened the new week in good 8.800$. The result was a 1,200$ large Cap.But what is the information for the upcoming price Action in the Bitcoin exchange rate can we draw from this?

What tells us the Gap is about the future BTC price

Such a price gap price gives some information about how the Bitcoin exchange rate could move in the coming days and weeks.Many of you know, for example, that such a Gap tends to close sooner or later. This means that the Bitcoin rate will have to rise again to around 10,000$.What many do not know, however, is that there are different types of Gaps. Every single one of these guys brings their individual properties and, accordingly, the information that can be drawn from it are different.In the case of the current copy from the Bitcoin exchange rate it is a so-called exhaustion Gap. This type of a price gap occurs at the end of a trend and is accompanied by a high volume. In addition, the Cap can fail in this type, unusually large.If you take a look at the above Bitcoin Chart, you’ll realize that all of these characteristics apply to the current copy from the Bitcoin exchange rate. What does this tell us about the BTC rate?

Bitcoin exchange rate could drop to the$ 5,000

An exhaustion Gap, marked, as we know now, the end of a trend. In most cases, it takes 2-3 weeks until the price gap is closed again. In the normal case, the Gap also marks the beginning of a consolidation phase, in some cases, it is reversible, however, also the beginning of a trend.So what does this mean for the Bitcoin exchange rate currently?In theory, a sideways movement, i.e. a phase of consolidation after an exhaustion Gap is the most likely scenario. Due to the data in the case of Bitcoin (BTC) to fit a trend, however, is perfect in the historical pattern of the BTC course.As you can see here, hopefully, very beautiful yellow circled can see, it came so far in front of all the Bitcoin Halvings to a price increase prior to the event and a decline to the lower trend line of the Yope-Channels after the event.It is noticeable that the rash, so the previous rate increase in the second Halving was already bigger than the First. Before yesterday’s third Halving of the increase in the Bitcoin exchange rate was still greater than that of the Second. In short, seem to have the rashes to increase the Halvings themselves.This can be explained by the fact that more and more people learn about Bitcoin and its characteristics. Accordingly, the Bitcoin Halving of more and more actors on the market as a major value-driving event is understood and, accordingly, they react to it, which in turn is reflected in the Bitcoin exchange rate resistance.The BTC price should follow so this Time, too, this historical pattern, then we could experience a further decline to an estimated 5,000 to$ to 7,500$. The exact price target is dependent on the speed of the decline, and is oriented to the lower trend line of the Yope-Channels, which is increasing.

The next Bullrun leads us to a new All-Time High?

The law of the case, that the Bitcoin exchange rate actually follows the old pattern, we can expect the long-awaited Bullrun on a new All-Time-High (ATH), after the lower trend line of the Yope-Channels have been re-touched.After the Halving in 2012, it took 12 months until the BTC course culminated in a new ATH. After the Halving in 2016 and by 18 months.The Bitcoin exchange rate and should move again in this temporal Range, and a new ATH, marked by the upper trend line of the Channel, write to, and then we would see it in 12-18 months, a Bitcoin price of about 70,000$ – 85.000$.The rule of thumb, the longer the Bitcoin need price to reach the upper trend line of the Yope-Channels, the higher the new ATH will be. But, of course, the premise is that he achieved this at all is for it. Two past Halvings still no pattern to rely on.In spite of all the not already see certain Parallels to, so it hurts to keep the Bitcoin exchange rate and its history in this respect in the eye

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