Where do I buy Bitcoin? The 10 best crypto exchanges in the Test

To benefit the other variant from the Bitcoin exchange rate the Trade with a CFD (Contract for Difference) is.

In the case of a CFD is in the possession of a Bitcoin certificate, and speculates on the price development of BTC. As a result, the physical storage of cryptographic eliminates currencies and you don’t need a Wallet.

Advantage of Bitcoin CFD Trading on the Margin is. A Margin of safety performance is that you, when buying behind put.

By a so-called Leverage, is also a lever called, it is trade possible with a higher sum than your invested capital is.

If You, for example, has $ 100 in Bitcoin, with a leverage of 5x investment, we can make your Trade a volume of €500.

As a result, the risk increases because if the market moves in the opposite direction, it may be that your Margin (the invested 100 €) will be liquidated.

The liquidation price will be displayed on every Trade.

Basically, you have the option to open in a Bitcoin CFD is a Long or a Short Position.

A Long Position means that you spekulierst to the fact that the Bitcoin price will rise and Vice versa for a Short Position.

Where I trade a Bitcoin CFD?

One of the most renowned CFD Broker Plus500 is. But it is also possible to trade a CFD platform eToro. Therefore, we find of Coin-Update eToro Bitcoin platform so interesting.

For one thing, you can buy real Bitcoins and you can trade through the use of Levers, a Bitcoin CFD.

You should get a Bitcoin CFD if you decide You:

and would like to bitcoin trading not physically möchtestvon have low fees benefit möchtestdu with PayPal Deposit möchtestauf of a regulated platform to trade want.in addition to Bitcoin, also in shares, want to invest.

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