Wholecoiners: portfolios with at least 1 Bitcoin are growing

This week will certainly be to remember in all the criptoverso. Since this march 12, Bitcoin went from cost more than $6,000 less than $4,000 in 10 hours. However, this week the number of wholecoiners has increased. They are known as wholecoiners to the investors who own 1 or more Bitcoin (BTC) integers. More specifically, it refers to the addresses that meet this condition. Despite of the downtrend of the last few days, according to data from the company specializing in crypto Glassnode, the number of addresses that contain at least one Bitcoin full had reached a new record: 795.630. This represents 330 addresses more than the previous two days, when it had registered the registry all previous 795.300 directions. This information allows you to have a notion of how investors see crypto as an investment. The constant growth of this number indicates a growing popularity. This could be a positive signal to the macro perspective of the market of encryption for Bitcoin. Since then, we cannot know how many people or investors in total represent the figures. Because the metric corresponds to the number of addresses linked. It is worth mentioning, it is important to keep in mind that all information here is recorded before the fall of the market yesterday.

Why is it important the number of wholecoiners of Bitcoin?

Like any investment tool, Bitcoin is subject to the commercial forces of supply and demand; its price goes up or down. The last few weeks the market sentiment is down and Bitcoin has been no exception. However, this could represent an opportunity for those who wish to increase their reserves in crypto. And it seems that this could have been one of the reasons that allowed the rise of addresses with at least one Bitcoin. Measure the amount of wholecoiners allows you to estimate the interest of the people towards the criptomoneda main. It also allows you to assume that investors expect to make a good business with Bitcoin. Have a trusted significant prospects in the medium and long term, since the data show that you can expect a new historical record. In my opinion, something to not forget, is that there will never be enough BTC for all the millionaires today have only ONE. In fact, there are more than double that of millionaires that of Bitcoin. So that he would not reach even half a Bitcoin each.

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