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The Bitcoin price crashed by almost 10 percent, after he could not hold out for $ 10,000.The crypto-currency has covered a part of its recent losses and trade now over 9,100 $.However, a combination of technical and fundamental catalysts suggests deeper downside correction in the direction of a level of 6,000$.
Bitcoin is traded for over $9.100 – almost 3.5 percent more in a 24-hour time frame, because BTC is trying to his recent losses.
The Benchmark crypto currency closed the week with losses of almost 10 percent. The downward movement appeared, such as BTC, the upward trend is over 10,000 USD to break through the short term resistance brand.
The price crashed in the beginning of the week, finally in the direction of 8.700$, after he had recovered the mark of 9.100$.
Bitcoins price action suggests a distortion of conflict among traders. Your purchase mood seems to be in the vicinity of the local peak levels to be about $ 9.500 weaker.
At the same time they have defended the Bitcoins to support levels of around $8.700 and a modest width of the consolidation range without any preference for the next in the direction of be created.
The analysts are encouraged to look for Clues in the old Fractal. A combination of at least three key technical and fundamental factors predicts that the next move will be extremely bearish, with downside targets in the area of lurk under $6.000.

1. Historical Bitcoin price corrections of up to 30-40%

The first reason why Bitcoin is in danger of falling below $ 7,000, is cycles its historical response to parabolic Bull.
The prominent Analyst Josh Rager indicates a Fractal in the year 2019, as the crypto-currency was in a wild upward rally on the way to exceed the mark of $ 14,000.
Rager commented that the Bitcoin after its price explosions typically have a retreat of an average of 30-40 per cent, and mentioned by eight of such movements in the eleven-year life of the crypto-currency.

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Rager was right to say, with his prediction that the next withdrawal of Bitcoin will take place either in July or August 2019. The crypto-currency fell by more than 40 percent from their peak at almost $ 14,000.
In a similar way, your next dish hit movement between February 2019 and February 2020, in a similar, but extended downward revision of 60 percent.
It is a more explosive rate recovery from low followed stands under for $ 4,000 to highs over $ 10,000. Bitcoin broke at 7. In may 2020, from the parable of.
BTCUSD breaks out of his third parable within a period of two years from | source: Tradingview.com

The Fractal indicates a price correction of at least 30-40 percent. The medium-term brings down goal of Bitcoin between $6.800 and $5.928.

2. Downside S&P 500, The Mood

Bitcoins bearish technical data will be supported by a macro-economic sentiment.
There is a risk that the crypto is corrected currency low because of its correlation with the S&P 500 Index remains since March 2020 positive. Among the catalysts that have driven both Bitcoin as well as the US Benchmark, the open economic programme of the US Central Bank.
The US Central Bank has committed to support its ailing economy with an unprecedented bond-buying program and keeping interest rates close to Zero.
The gains in the S&P 500, despite the weaker-than-expected report on the business and earnings of the Index boost. This makes the Index riskier.
The S&P 500 breaks above the 200-day moving average source: TradingView.com

A slump in the stock market in February-March 2020 led to a similar crash in the Bitcoin market.
Observers have noted that investors were dumping their profitable Bitcoin positions, either to their Margin Calls to cover to find cash as a safe haven, or your losses in a global market routine to compensate. Even Gold fell.
Given the potential of further S&P 500 slump on the risk that Bitcoin will expand its corrections in the mid $ 10,000 range to more recent local lows is.

3. The long-term descending trend-line

Another Fractal, this does not prevent Bitcoin to mark an extended bull rally, is a long-term descending trend line.
The descending trend line behaves since December of 2017, as a resistor | source: Tradingview.com

The crypto-currency has failed, your bullish bias close to the case maintain red line as the above graph shows. Each of the preceding parabolic cycles exhausted in the vicinity of this level. The recent price correction of Bitcoin of $ 10,000 also began to the trend line.
This increases the likelihood of a deeper pullback. In the meantime, a moving 200-days served average (orange) are traditionally used as an accumulation area for traders. The shaft plunges well in the 6,000-Dollar-regions, as indicated by the red bar will be displayed.
It further suggests that Bitcoin could test in the coming financial quarters, the area between 5.928 and 6.800 dollars.
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