Why Bitcoin is without inventor better

Behind Bitcoin, no Person, no company and no government is. It is the first decentralized network, to values of direct Peer-2-transfer Peer to. Nevertheless, there is a Pseudonym, which is hidden behind the revolutionary invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. But no one knows who is behind the Pseudonym, exactly. This gives enough room for different speculations who could be Satoshi Nakatomo. Under other names, such as Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, Adam Back, and even still, Craig Wright, is not, of course, clearly Satoshi Nakamoto Fall again and again. Now Adam is Back, the CEO of block stream, took part in a discussion about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, and denied that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. In addition, he explains why this is so important for Bitcoin that no one knows the true identity behind the Creator.

There are many theories of the inventor of Bitcoin circulating

Adam Back describes itself as a Cypher punk and cryptographer. He is also the Hashcash-inventors, on the basis of the Bitcoin Mining works. Because of his expert knowledge and his experience with cryptography, he belongs to a small group of candidates that know Satoshi or even Satoshi himself could be.

An excerpt from a 40-minute YouTube documentary on the possible identity of the mysterious figure, inspired by the Twitter user @ggmesh to the statement that Adam is Back, the inventor of Bitcoin.

Because I believe that you are Satoshi, I will proceed with caution and maximum respect. It is inconceivable that a man with your Background Bitcoin could have been so ignored for many years (during an academic break from 2005-2010, as they moved to a tax haven). Unless you are your Creator

The user, however, went even further and tried to explain why Adam Back Satoshi must be.

The error that led to the discovery of Satoshi’s mined Bitcoins, must have been a terrible shock (this was when you joined the BTC Forum). This explains their often expressed interest to expand Bitcoin’s privacy features. These Bitcoins will one day. And you’ve earned it.

Then Adam Back rejected this claim with a simple “I”.

The inventor has left Bitcoin for a good reason

All of the credible candidates have not told you emphatically that you are not Satoshi, strange Stater are credible. We will most likely never know, in fact, there is no Satoshi – we need to think for themselves. That’s good, was to leave one of the wisest things he has done

Other Twitter users also responded to the discussion and said that he believes that behind Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney and Nick Szabo could be stuck. Then Adam Back again responded.

FWIW said that both of them were there also. We will never know – many of the Cypherpunks had no Social Media footprint, and anon Posts. Probably a digital mind that has destroyed the Nym, to be sure. Bitcoin is better than a decentralized digital Good without a founder. We are all Satoshi.

Other Twitter users agreed with the Thread of Back and replied with the comment “Legacy is what matters”.

Back want the community focused on the future of the crypto-currency space, instead of asking who is Satoshi.

I agree with this statement. Recognition is irrelevant, the result is what counts.

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Ignorance of the inventors is a strength of BTC

It is important to understand that a real decentralized currency must operate without a controller. Even if this is not to say in a decentralized construct, much too, are generally a lot of followers after the inventor or the main Person/company in the project. We see this clearly in the case of Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin. This represents an attack vector that should not be in the best case.

There is no maintainer for Bitcoin. As there is no person responsible on the Internet. It is a Protocol which has no Central instance, and purely on the Basis of game theory for more than 10 years of work. Our money was invented with Bitcoin is new, and gives us advantages that could change in the next few decades, the monetary system in a sustainable way. We’re still in the infancy and can follow with enthusiasm the developments in this regard. It will be exciting.

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