Why Bitcoin Maximalists Ethereum is not quite should ignore

Ethereum (ETH) is located this year in the upward trend, in particular, with regard to the price. But the network is established and is gaining more and more importance.

You should have something to ETH due to the upside potential?

BTC-Blogger Sylvain Saurel one of the reasons why Ethereum is successful, and even Hardcore sought-Bitcoiners, the project should not reject it altogether. Saurel believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is unique, there are also good reasons to have at least a little ETH.

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Ethereum already has a large and well-established Ecosystem, and Maker (MKR) shows the potential for decentralized financing. This gives ETH a boost, since the joint market capitalization of all projects is still significant and with the market capitalization of BTC is competing.
Saurel also believes that the ETH-prices to serve the General mood of the whole altcoin market to reflect, and as a Proxy for the entire Altcoin investments.

“If you buy Ethereum, and then hodln, make sure that you benefit from the significant potential success of many of the Altcoins on the Basis of Ethereum,” he explains.

Instead of distributing many illiquid Altcoins, could be the possession of the ETH is a possibility of unpredictable Altcoin-season run-in to win.

Ethereum and its possibilities

ETH is also a leader in the field of distributed Apps, and the possession of the token, the growth in this sector is visible. Admittedly, the growth is relatively slow, and there is still no “Killer App”, which is in the Mainstream-the area competitive.
But the possession of ETH is an Instrument to benefit potentially from the growth of unexpected winners in the dApp area.

“It is expected that the dApps-the market will grow in the future. The fact that Ethereum occupies a hegemonic leadership role in this area, is another reason why you should Ethereum for the future, seriously consider,“ writes Saurel.

A special class of distributed Apps is also very promising: the Defi-room. The space depends on its Tokens and Smart Contracts completely from the Ethereum block Chain.
ETH is an asset also very important, as a security, and in pairs within the decentralised exchange. The growing activity in this area might revive the demand for ETH, which is decreased after the removal of the ICO-wave.
Defi is still a young and high-risk sector. But Saurel believes that ETHs centrality is a good reason, the value of the assets in his Portfolio.
The upcoming ETH 2.0-Ecosystem, which allows for the Staking of Coins, is for many another reason for ETH. Since the ICO and the first Trading levels of ETH Zurich has established itself as one of the most powerful and longest-lasting projects in the crypto area, and several setbacks to overcome.
With a Stand of 260,63 Dollar, ETH is now in a growth phase.

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