Why Bitcoin wins as a safe investment more and more important

While Bitcoin is experiencing a healthy correction, the US Central Bank’s effort to do something against the ever-darkening clouds in the economic skies.

FED Chairman varies

According to a Bloomberg report, the Chairman of the US Federal reserve’s Jerome Powell has admitted, finally, that the Central Bank may have the fire power to combat the next recession.
Powell said on Tuesday before the financial services Committee of the house of representatives that the current low level of interest rates “means that the fiscal policy would be important to support the economy when it is slowing”.
The remark was an unusual call for the head of a politically independent Institution, which is used to combat economic contractions alone, the report said.
He highlights the problems, which the FED and other major Central banks in a world with historically low interest rates. Mark the spindle, the Co-author of a book on the relationship of the FED to the Congress, added:

“There is very little that Central banks can do. We are a fiscal-monetary cooperation much closer. Optimal monetary policy instruments is missing.“

Bitcoin-Based Bank

After three cuts last year, the goal of the FED for the short-term interest rates now at 1.5% to 1.75%. In comparison, the inflation rate of Bitcoin to the halving will be lowered in less than ninety days to 1.8%.
The FED is pumping since September of billions of freshly printed Dollars in the name of the Repo agreements Essentially a short-term rescue Islands for commercial banks in the financial system.
These Bank bailouts are intended to increase the liquidity of the commercial banks, if newly coined money in the System flows.
Crypto money analysts and industry insiders acknowledge the fact that the Central banks have almost completely lost control, and their efforts to print money, were largely in vain.

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A cash injection in the amount of the Bitcoin market capitalization

The US Central Bank is not the only one that prints money. At the beginning of the month, the People’s Bank of China has injected in the name of quantitative easing, bitcoin as a whole, then the market capitalization of Bitcoin in your financial system, as Coin Update reported.
Bitcoin is increasingly seen as a safe investment against this monetary madness. In addition, younger generations from the Bank-caused financial crisis of 2008 have learned – you could even say they have become tired of them. You invest now in Bitcoin, is more in line with your values.
Bitcoin is literally the solution.

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