Why Ethereum is, according to Buterin, the answer to the coming crisis

Vitalik Buterin believes that Ethereum can act in a future global crisis as an adhesive that will help the Nations to keep together.The co-founder of Ethereum language on the Ethereal Summit 2020 on 7. May to Cami Russo of The Defiant. Buterin, described the current global crisis as more than just a financial crisis, and said the extent of the political discord and mistrust between countries have made the need for a network such as Ethereum significantly.

I’m definitely of the opinion that the block chains and Ethereum can play in Particular a role when it comes to this kind of neutral global players, so that these systems, currencies, and applications can interact. I think that everything that is created by nation-States and entertain, can not take on this role.

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Ethereum (ETH) as a response to a financial Problem

On the question of Russo, if he think of Ethereum as a network that connects these Nations and ETH assumes the role of an international currency, agreed to Buterin. He called “concerns about censorship, privacy, and institutions” as factors that drive people to Crypto-currencies and blockchains.The co-founder of Ethereum, described the current Situation as only “a third” financially. He compared it also with the global financial crisis of 2008, and whether the event could help a new Crypto-shaft to fuel. Buterin said that crypto-currencies, such as the ETH could not grow this Time by “tackling financial problems” in the world.

The area of crypto-currencies… in the first ten years or so he concentrated really on the financial aspects of censorship resistance of the money… but here in the year 2020, we will see definitely many of the same themes, but it is a little less financially than before.

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