Why is it that a rare bitcoin is Magic Internet Money? – Breaking News

The above Microsoft Paint, the drawing is a perfect example of how the early community of bitcoin is the news: funny. It is to be a wizard in a blue robe with a staff, with the tag line, “Magic Internet Money”.
The drawing is made for the users on Reddit and to be seduced in order to get to know more about bitcoin and to become a member of the respective forum. Paul’s Bars as early as in 2017 but wonder why they opted for the MS Paint program? The designer is lazy or that he took the matter seriously? He didn’t have a better use of Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator? The Bars, in a blog post on Medium:
“F *** no! If you are an advertising agency contracts with a team of graphic designers and they will get an ad for a subreddit to promote it, the results don’t even come close. You’d probably have an overly-thought-out abstract concept to be had. For a minimum of $ 10,000. Then, in the next 2 months, to convince yourself that the ad was a success.’
The reception has been overwhelmingly good, and it contributed to the reputation of bitcoin. On november 6, 2013, the image will be shared, and at that time there was a community of a little more than fifty thousand subscribers. Bitcoin was less than $ 300 are worth it. At this point, it is the same forum for the 1.2 million people strong. There were almost 600 comments about the promotion and the drawing itself. It is also an example of a truly grassroots and community-driven marketing campaign, which at that time was still a niche product, the man is trying to make.
In the first instance, I asked a moderator to all the members, whether they are in a picture, to make the promotion of the channel. Within an hour, sent to Redditer Mavensbot the above drawing. Later on, he told me that he has a grand total of five minutes on the drawing, it has been working.
The ad was successful because it Mavensbot the audience to understand. Redditer Amanojack explains it well:
For reddit, it is the MSPaint-ad, perfect. It’s hard to explain why, other than to say that it is in all the right ways, enchanting and charming, it is. It doesn’t feel like self-promotion because it’s fun, in a self-producing, and on reddit, that is of the utmost importance.’
Incidentally, it came up with the phrase, “Magic Internet Money” is not Mavensbot. It was, for the first time, in a poll on a relatively obscure BitcoinTalk.make sure post. Just a few of the dozens of members have let their voices be heard. “Magic Internet Money” has won, among others, “In Crypto We Trust”, and “You Asked for Change, We will Gift You with Coins’.
Bitcoiners were all in the high-nerdgehalte of the image as a form of self-deprecating humor. In fact, it was bitcoin in the media and the government, especially, is described as a nerd with money. And even if the critics is negative, give their opinion on the future of bitcoin, the network “magically” work.
Bitcoin has been seen as a side effect, even if it’s a joke. But bitcoin has changed from a nerd with money, to something where all of the corporations, the banks, financial institutions and governments to take advantage of it for their own purposes. Just think of the blockchainhype own cryptocurrency such as Balance and CBDC programs and solutions for cross-border payments and to streamline the business. It will all be brilliant, but it makes it a lot less fun.
Keep Bitcoin weird.

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