Why is the Celsius CEO believes in the 30,000 USD

The Bitcoin price has risen in the past 30 days to 24.4 per cent against the US Dollar. The halving of the Mining revenues is also “Bitcoin Halving” is referred to, as well as the geopolitical and demand factors, will bring the Bitcoin price in 2020 through its previous all-time high. At least the CEO of Celsius, believes, and explains why. We have analyzed the forecast and are grateful that it is not a moon forecast, according to McAfee.

Bitcoin price at $ 30,000 after the Halving in 2020

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius, the Network believes that most people underestimate the impact of the Bitcoin Halvings in may on the Bitcoin exchange rate. According to Mashinsky which is becoming stronger needed a “store of value could be a driving force” in an increasingly unstable world, the Bitcoin exchange rate faster in height than most people think. Read our article “What is Bitcoin”, to finally understand what Bitcoin is exactly.
This year is an important year for BTC and the Bitcoin price. The four-year halving should take place this spring. The Bitcoin Halving the number of new BTC on the market is cut in half, from 12.5 to 6.25.
How crypto Monday has already been reported several times, expect a lot of analysts had a positive reaction of the Bitcoin price in the halving of the Block Rewards. The most popular pricing models assume, however, that the major gains will only occur after the halving in the year 2021. Previously, there were already larger Bullruns in the year after the halving itself (2013 and 2017). Read our article, why the Bavarians referred to LB by the Stock-to-Flow model of Bitcoin as a digital Gold.

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Mashinsky is for sure: Bitcoin exchange rate increases to USD 30,000

Mashinsky says that most people underestimate the impact of the halving under. He is of the opinion that the global, political uncertainty is the leading crypto-currency becoming more and more popular. To do this, he says:

“I think that Bitcoin ends the year with a new all-time high. I estimated $ 30,000, but it will be somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars.“

Mashinsky also commented that a rising Bitcoin price will likely drive the Rest of the industry and other crypto-currencies to the top.
Alex Mashinsky is the founder and CEO of Celsius Networks. The Celsius Network was founded in 2017 with the aim to use the Blockchain technology to provide as many people as possible have financial freedom, more economic opportunities and income equality. According to Celsius, the large banks and financial institutions have come to for a long time with greedy, unethical and risky behavior of them.
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Despite new All-Time High, the mass adoption?

Although Mashinsky evaluates the Bitcoin exchange rate is optimistic, he doesn’t believe that this will bring a new All-Time-High (ATH) very many new users into the crypto market. He commented on various issues that prevent a mass adoption of crypto-currencies still:

“For the mass application we need to Use to solve the Problem (the user experience), we need to offer more Benefits – less volatility, more”

Despite these problems, the CEO of Celsius are optimistic about the future of the industry as a whole. He commented on the efforts of the developers and StartUps to develop more intuitive Blockchain applications, and explains, that the user Numbers are climbing, as soon as the User Experience is improved.

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How do you see the development of the Bitcoin exchange rate this year? Do you believe in the 30,000 USD?
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