Wikipedia founder about the Bitcoin SV: “No Chance” that we are going to use the Coin ever

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has put an end to rumours that he would support Bitcoin SV. He says that BSV would provide the free Online encyclopedia nothing.
The Bitcoin-SV Association announced (SV) recently, that you will receive the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales as the keynote speaker at CoinGeek London. The message triggered a flood of rumors that pointed to the fact that Wikipedia is turning away from Bitcoin and a partnership with Bitcoin SV could be received.

Bitcoin Yes Bitcoin is SV no

Many were of the opinion that micro-payments would come by BSV on the platform. Wales has denied these rumors now, however, categorically. He even seemed to be the insinuation upset.
As a response to the announcement of Wales writes that “the market documents need to be updated”. He said there was no support from him for BSV.
Wales says he’s only come to the conference to tell his opinion and that is: “BSV offers nothing for Wikipedia, and there is no Chance that we are going to use it ever is”.

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So, there we have it: There is no partnership between Wikipedia and BSV, no matter what kind. refute The comments effectively to any suggestion that Wales personally Bitcoin SV support.
Many wonder, however, why Wales was, anyway. Should he just cancel, if he thinks so? Maybe Wales website provides more knowledge, when we see him at the end of February.

Wikipedia has often been a friend of the crypto-currency space. The platform accepts, for example, since at least 2014 Bitcoin donations. Some of their competitors, such as Everipedia, have tried to block chain-based platforms to switch.
Until now, Wikipedia has not indicated, however, that it will make a change. Instead, the platform is something of a “hanger-on” in the decentralized space – directly on the block chain technology is not involved.
This makes the comments from Wales so interesting: It’s not often that he speaks at all about the crypto-currency space. However, the unambiguous position against BSV shows that he has a strong opinion about the industry.

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