Wilsons Auctions conducts the auction of the crypto-currencies of the belgian federal government

The belgian federal government put their trust in the competence of the company Wilsons Auctions for auction of crypto-currencies it has entered. The auction house irish will ensure sales of its more than 110 000 € denominated in bitcoins and other crypto-currencies .

An auction open to the general public

According to the announcement of the house, Wilsons Auctions, it will be an online auction which will take place on 24th march at noon GMT. The auction will be in the most flexibility, as there will be no minimum threshold to be set for awarding the sale.
During the sale, three digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG), y will be split into small batches. For Bitcoin in particular, the sale will be in fractions of 0.25 to 1 unit.
And in order to equal the chances of the participants to succeed in their crypto-investments, Wilsons Auctions has had the very wise decision to put in place a number of measures to assist them in their efforts.

“The purchase of crypto-currencies via exchanges can be a risky and intimidating, that is why we offer advice throughout the process, which means that the newcomers in the world of crypto-currency and experienced investors can all participate on an equal footing,” says Mark Woods, the head of asset recovery at Wilsons Auctions.

A house that has already been proven

It is to be remembered that it is not the first participation of Wilsons Auctions in the auction of crypto-currencies.
Not later than in the month of September of last year, the house had lent a helping hand to the police in the United Kingdom to sell his crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, and through which the latter was able to produce a recipe £ 300,000, roughly the equivalent of 395 000 $.
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