With the Opera browser you can buy BTC in Mexico and Spain in 30 seconds

Opera, the Norwegian company responsible for creating the well-known browser, now allows users in Mexico and Spain do refills with cryptocurrencies.In a press release published this march 30, Opera announced that countries such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and throughout the European Union, will now have access to shopping cryptocurrencies through the browser.From December 2018 Operating added solutions based on technology blockchain that allowed them to add a portfolio of cryptocurrencies to your browser. Before the update only in the united States and Scandinavia, you could buy cryptocurrencies through the functions of Opera.Charles Hamel, head of the cryptographic system Operates, referring to the update highlighted the fact of “being able to acquire cryptocurrencies directly from the portfolio, without having to go through a casa de cambio. Add that to the extend the function to more regions facilitates the process for users, and “is key to boosting the adoption of blockchain”. The system is available in desktop browsers and on smart phones.

The associations suggest more solutions blockchain

To make possible the expansion to more regions, Opera teamed up with Wyre, a company that provides payment solutions with cryptocurrencies, in order to allow users to recharge wallets offered by the browser quickly. In this way, in most of the countries users can buy bitcoin or ether by using your credit cards Visa or Mastercard. On this, the communiqué states:

The solution of Wyre in Apple devices (available in Opera Touch for iOS) works with Apple Pay, which allows you to recharge an account in less than 30 seconds. In Opera for Android, you can use cards as a Revolut directly in the browser.

In relation to the partnership with Wyre, Hamel said they are “excited to extend the partnership with Wyre and offer the best shopping experience of cryptocurrencies in its class to most countries.”The developers of Opera aspire to implement in the browser-based solutions in the technology blockchain. For example, are offering to their users the file System interplanetary (IPFS), based on a protocol of hypermedia P2P. This system aims to decentralize the storage of data on the internet. The IPFS allows you to store data in the network without the need of relying on a single server or a storage system in the cloud.Opera also associated with Unstoppable Domains, system names blockchain built on Ethereum. Browser users will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies registering addresses portfolio using “.crypto” in a similar way as you register a domain with “.com”.

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