WWE SmackDown Live Stream: Kofi Kingston in surprise Title Match – Watch Here


The newly introduced “Wild Card Rule” on Monday ensured that Roman Reigns appeared again at RAW, and SmackDown Live also increased its star power thanks to the new rule.

Several guest appearances by RAW stars resulted in two unannounced title matches – one of which was crowned by Daniel Bryan, who paused after WrestleMania with an unnamed injury.

The show was opened by AJ Styles, the most prominent SmackDown exit in the “Superstar Shake-up” in April. He used the “Wild Card Rule” to check the “House that AJ Styles built”.

He was interrupted by his new RAW colleague Sami Zayn – despite Braun Strowman’s garbage container attack on Monday and its seemingly legendary ending.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston joined in and was happy to give Styles a match for his title. Zayn, however, forbade himself to do so and demanded a chance to win the title himself. Kingston turned out to be a “Fighting Champion” and agreed to defend the title against both of them – only one day after he had put ex-champion Bryan in his place with RAW.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan new Tag Team Champions

There was another cross-team title match when Shane McMahon wanted to award the vacant tag team titles of SmackDown as announced.

As the successor to Hardy Boyz, who had to resign belts due to a serious knee injury to Jeff Hardy, he wanted to appoint returnee Bryan and his partner Rowan.

However, Jimmy and Jey Uso, who had actually changed to RAW, had something against it and threw their hats into the ring. Shane-O-Mac set up a spontaneous match – in which powerhouse Rowan became the deciding factor.

Rowan resisted several superkicks from the Usos and forced Jey to his knees with the Iron Claw. The environmentally conscious Bryan is “The Planet’s Champion” again, but now in another division.

Kofi Kingston meets AJ Styles and Sami Zayn

At the end of the show followed the Triple Threat Match, which ended with another unexpected appearance: Kingston’s current arch-enemy Kevin Owens, who had actually declared not to be in the hall on his 35th birthday, intervened in the fight by attacking Kingston’s New Day partner Xavier Woods and maltreating him outside the ring.

Owens’ old partner Zayn took advantage of the distraction and missed Kingston three Blue Thunder Bombs – but Kingston freed himself. Zayn then wanted to make everything clear with the Helluva kick, but Kingston countered with Trouble in Paradise, kept his title and swore revenge on Money-in-the-Bank opponent Owens at the end of the show.


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