XRP: Ripple switches again 100.000.000 XRP free – traders fear a further Sell-off

Ripple has just released more 100.000.000 XRP (27.9 million dollars) from his escrow Wallet, and thus Fears of a possible sell-out stoked.

Token sales as a Running Gag

The owner of Ripples XRP could soon be faced with a closeout, since a massive number of tokens from the official Team-escrow account has been unlocked. XRP has risen this week, however, the could soon have an end. According to the Whale Alert (@whale_alert) were recently released 100 million XRP.

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The reactions to the release were overwhelmingly negative. The least surprising that the Team has once again unlocked XRP-Token – free circuits are by now the Running Gag on crypto-Twitter and beyond become.

The free-Ripple, switch-Token triggers each Time a considerable Controversy. Every month unlocked 1 billion XRP from the escrow account of the team.
The most recent 100 million XRP are an added Bonus to the Usual. It is unclear what the Team is doing with the excess funds, the amount each month on hundreds of millions of dollars.
The third largest crypto-currency was recently listed on BitMEX for XRP/USD Perpetual Swaps. Shortly after the listing of BitMEX CEO decided, however, to mock XRP verse, and to refer to the Token short-hand as “dogsh*t”.

Better than Bitcoin?

He writes jokingly: “It’s more than Zero value, so it’s time, the USD-to trade with the Pair on BitMEX. Boo-Yaka-sha!“ CEO Arthur Hayes had taken the comment of some critics, his Pronouncements so far, but back.
Ripples XRP is currently +1,18% over the daily rate and still has a strong Trading volume. Ripples CEO Brad Garlinghouse announced recently on Twitter, to defend XRP against critics: according to Him, XRP have exceeded in the year 2020, the Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market yet.
The Problem with the statement is simply: you are not right. XRP will also get the impact of this recent activation clearly felt.

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