Youtube maintains its position as anti crypto

April 22, 2020 by Océane

YouTube, the largest platform for sharing video content, has had a hostile relationship towards crypto-currencies, such as the users have been able to experience through the removal of content related to digital assets. Recently, the chain of the renowned trader and analyst cryptos, Tone Vays, has been removed from the platform.

Deleting a video to delete a whole chain

Vays did not fail to tell this unfortunate experience on his twitter account. First of all, the team at Youtube has removed a video he put online in the morning, on the pretext that the content is harmful and dangerous.
The analyst decides to proceed with caution and wisdom in cancelling the broadcast of videos on the analysis of the price of Bitcoin for the day. And yet, a major event was prepared for the crypto-followers on their channel, including the ” unconfiscatable conference “, a program that the Youtuber has had to suspend fear that his entire string is removed from the platform.
Unfortunately, the worst happened as the team of Youtube has deleted all the string Tone Vays of the platform.

“This has so quickly escalated from a simple warning video to the entire channel deleted by YouTube. “he-he wrote in his tweet.

The purge of the crypto-currencies continues

Tone Vays is a victim who has suffered the répréhensions on the part of the YouTube team, although no derogatory remark on the videos has been identified in the past.
In fact, many content creators crypto famous whose videos have been censored by the platform. These include The Moon, Ivan is Tech, Chris Dunn TV, Crypto Zombie and Nugget’s news.
The claims of content creators and injured from the YouTube team have come to nothing, because the platform has uttered no response. Therefore, the followers in crypto-currencies, are considering creating a platform for decentralized so that shares content regarding crypto-currencies and the Blockchain to be able to move freely.
Addendum : currently the Youtube channel of Tone Vays is back
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