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Fynn Kliemann probably made headlines most recently with his new album “Nie”. But in addition to his activities as a YouTuber and musician, the multi-talent also presents himself as a technophile. Accordingly, he now plans to create his own crypto currency, the “Kliemark”.

Fynn Kliemann has a lot on his plate. Wikipedia lists him as web designer, entrepreneur, musician, author, actor, YouTuber and winner of the 1 Live Krone 2018 in the category “Best Newcomer”. What’s missing? A cryptocurrency. With the “Kliemark“, a new cryptocurrency could soon be listed alongside Bitcoin & Co.

The Kliemark for Kliemannsland

Fynn Kliemann’s enthusiasm for technology can be seen in his new video on “Bau mich auseinander”. That’s what the description says:

“Sometimes you are taken apart. Of life, of people and of feelings. It’s beautiful and shitty, but somehow it’s also okay… the same. For this video I shredded many belongings and shredded them into 1,000 pieces in one of the biggest shredders in Germany. My guitar, on which all my friends from school signed, my old Piaggio, all my movies, a record collection and endless tapes. Also my Bonanza wheel landed in the shredder. That hurts a bit. But it has to be for the song, too. It’s okay.”

But shredded ballast from the past makes room for something new. And so you can expect Fynn Kliemann to have his own cryptocurrency soon according to reports. With the vision of a self-sufficient self-catering farm, Kliemark should ensure that the site is supplied with technicians on its own.

“The Kliemannsländler should not only cultivate food, but soon also produce the electricity themselves. He is already in talks with the first partners who are to install the corresponding solar systems on the farm. In cooperation with technicians from the Chaos Computer Club, he wants to couple the systems with his own cryptocurrency. It could be called ‘Kliemark’ and automatically call a technician with the help of the blockchain as soon as a system gives up”,

the report says.

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