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Privacy is currency, Zcash has been successful, a hard fork gone through so that the scheduled network update Heartwood has been made. Due to this update, you can have miners, in addition to other new features, too coinbasetransacties to a residential address.

Heartwood was on the Thursday run

The hard fork, it was on the 16th of July, at a block 903.000 made according to the Electric Coin Company (ECC), is the developer behind the project. Heartwood has been approved by the ECC as the Foundation for Zcash.

The update will include two of the Zcash-Improvement Proposal (ZIP, videos). The first is a Shielded Coinbase (ZIP, 213), and a long-awaited privacy solutions for Zcash (ZEC) miners. Flyclient (ZIP (221) adds support for light weight clients that transactions are verified.

Heartwood is the fourth of a hard fork of the privacymunt since its launch by the end of 2016. Zcash for the last time in december 2019 at the latest updates to hard-this speaks for itself.

All of Cincinnati from the Zcash Knowledge.

“The Zcash Foundation is excited to be in the Heartwood Zcash to run with the ECC, and are happy that users will soon be able to establish a connection with the Zcash network, with the help of the Zebras, is an alternative to consensus is compatible with Zcash implementation, to be built by the Foundation.’

Screened coinbasetransacties

Miners to play in Zcash (just like bitcoin) has an important role in this. They have to add blocks to the blockchain and get a reward for it. This reward is actually a new geminede up and be coinbasetransacties called. Due to the need to continue these incentives in a screened-in Zcash address has been claimed to be. Blind addresses to obscure the details, such as amounts, addresses, and the encrypted e-mail field.

It has been a long cherished ambition of the Zcash-team. Anonymous coinbasetransacties are at the end of the Zcash is on the roadmap. Nathan Wilcox, of the ECC, said:

By this update, you can be a miner, or a miningpool decide if they are the coinbasetransacties to move it off the screen. As a practical example, if a miningpool protected all payments made to miners, which participate in the pool.’


Flyclient allows users to see the transactions to verify that the minimum amount of information. You will have the blockheader is required, rather than information about the contents of the block.

The ZIP has a number of positive implications for developers, It is possible to use other blockchains to work together, such as with the Ethereum network, and it provides protection for lightweight clients. The ECC announced that the latter are Not planning to start projects in the Ethereum blockchain.

“At this point, you’ve got a full-Zcash node is required to have complete privacy to get it. Our ZIP helps to calm clients, to protect against malicious servers, and then push it in the direction of complete privacy for each and every wallet.’

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