Zcash rate rises, after having agreed with the redistribution of blokbeloning – Breaking News

What do bitcoin, cash, litecoin, and zcash is all about. All of these coins are a reward from the miners, via a mandatory tax levied on the mininginkomsten. Zcash used in this project, and the community has agreed to, in the same way to go.

A Consensus was reached

In order to ensure that the developers of Zcash in the future, not for an apple and an egg have to be to work, the community has agreed to a 20 per cent, of the earnings of miners in the development of the ZEC to stop it.
Electric Coin Company (ECC) has taken over the tweeted, with a link to the results.

From investors to developers

Josh Swihart, of PROTECTION, explains: “during the past four years, and 80% of the ZEC minerbeloningen to the miners, while 15% was allocated to the investors and the founders, and 5% went to the developers.
The so-called founders of reward of 15% and ends in november so it was decided that the Zcash Foundation for the community to have a new plan to be set up. And that’s the plan, it is actually quite simple:
Zcash get rid of the founders of reward, which is now in development. So, that’s 5%, plus 15% to 20%. The rest of it goes just to the miners.

Bitcoin is cash, and litecoin

Last week, this subject was raised for Bitcoin is Cash, and influential individuals and companies have committed to the 12.5% of the blokbeloning to be collected for the company’s development. This proposal has not been handed in and there was a certain amount of criticism, due to the concerns over centralization.
The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, has also recently something like this was proposed, it only went at a much smaller rate.

How to respond to the market.

The market reacted well to the news. Yesterday, it rose in the course of the Zcash by 10%, and the rate continues to increase. At the moment ZEC, the highest point being reached in the next six months.
ZEC is a whopping 145% in terms of value has increased. Zcash was at the beginning of this year, but for 24.50 euros and is now for about 60 euros to the markets. It is one of the best altcoins of the GAME by the year 2020.

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