Zeux: NEO Announces New Payment Solution for Apple and Samsung Pay

As the Start-up Zeux recently media announced to users of the Zeux-App in the future have the opportunity, by Apple or Samsung Pay to pay. The company integrates all services on one platform. The Zeux App provides each user with a digital Bank account and digital Wallet addresses. So it should be the customers, pays in all of the shops, and to acquire a range of investment products from various financial institutions. According to his own statement, the company charges no fees for account opening, money transfers, charges, payments, or payment of fees. Authorized the London-based FinTech the UK financial market Supervisory authority.


Why NEO?

Founder and CEO of Zeux Frank Zhou shows the Integration of NEO confident. He stressed that he was pleased to be able to NEO in the list of crypto-currencies, users can in the future act on the Zeux-App. Zhou is of the opinion that an Integration of the crypto-currency NEO will help the current infrastructure and the Service of the company for a larger audience to expand. According to the Zeux NEO at 7. May is officially in the Zeux-App will be available.


However, Zeux has introduced its multi-function App at the beginning of April in the UK. You should be according to their own data in the course of this year in large Parts of the rest of Europe. The Zeux offered, the App will also have a private Zeux-Token (ZUC). ZUC is of purchases, a Loyalty Token as Cashback in all of the crypto for payment fees and for all financial product providers paid commissions. According to official figures, NEO is not, however, be the only cryptocurrency in the future. In addition to Bitcoin, so IOTA, Ether, Bitcoin, SV and Quantum are to be integrated into the App.

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