BTC-adaptation: number of BTC addresses with Bitcoin now higher than the all-time high in 2017

The number of new Bitcoin addresses with a balance is not equal to Zero is as high as never before – it is now higher than the number of new addresses to all-time high in 2017, as the prices have risen to $ 20,000.

There are not so many “rich” Bitcoin addresses

Twitter User @income sharks today released charts from the Bitcoin Onchain-metrics-API and the analysis-side Glassnode Studio, the show is a logarithmic representation of the address growth over a number of different metrics.
A chart shows that the price of Bitcoin is directly correlated with the creation of new addresses, and with addresses, the hodln already active.

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The total number of Bitcoin addresses is 615.463.205 piece, Stand 20. February, the most recent data point.There are 28.728.292 addresses whose balance is currently Zero.Of these, 28 million addresses, only 788.101 addresses contain at least 1 Bitcoin.There are 154.689 Wallet addresses with a balance of 10 or more Bitcoin.Wallets with a balance of 100 BTC or more are even rarer – only 16.247 Wallets contain 100 or more Coins.The Elite of the Bitcoiners of the world is represented with only 2,156 for addresses that contain more than 1000 BTC or more, much less.The Bitcoin Illuminati, the address with a BTC balance of 10K or more, only 105 (I’m looking at you, Trace Mayer, and Roger Ver).

With the Hype around the half of the addresses will be more

Lately, the number of new Users came in record to Bitcoin, but the number of addresses with a high credit balance is low. While there are 7.806.710 addresses with a balance of 0.01, there is only 708K with a balance of 1 Bitcoin.
Even if Bitcoin with 9.721 Dollar (at the time of writing) is expensive and for the majority of the inhabitants of developing countries may be unattainable is, 9.700 Dollar, for many investors from the middle class and those with higher income is quite within reach.
The fact that Bitcoin has the potential to become the global Standard for value transfer, and that only 28 million addresses currently have a deviating from Zero balance, shows that the investment side of things is a decade later, is still extremely asymmetric.
Those who believe, to have missed the connection, still have a very real second Chance – especially given the Hype around the halving in may. The value of Bitcoin is tied to the laws of supply and demand, and according to the popular Stock-to-Flow-model, the event should provide a promising increase.

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