5 books of Bitcoin to read in quarantine Coronavirus

The Coronavirus ? continues on its course. We already know that we should be in quarantine following the “Social Distancing” for the good of all. We already know that the traditional markets of cryptocurrencies are disguised as bulls. Yes, we already know all this, but do we know what are the top 5 books about Bitcoin (BTC) to read in this quarantine? Not only the physical health is vital, but also the mental, psychological and spiritual. Especially in these times in which the Coronavirus ? has become a pandemic and there is extreme uncertainty about the future of all. Therefore, it is not completely healthy to be stuck all day watching the news, and more if we do not have any series or movie to watch. But, what about the books? Because there is no better way to kill two birds with one stone, get distracted, and learn more about our criptoverso at the same time. It is for this reason that from CriptoTendencia we bring to you the 5 best sellers on Bitcoin that you can get online. Remember, don’t leave your house and wash your hands after reading this content.

1. Mastering Bitcoin ?

This book, written by Andreas Antonopoulos, is also called “The Bible of BTC”. It is without doubt the most comprehensive book and known to not only be introduced in the technology Blockchain, but to know all the details that compose it.

“I’ve just spent the last 8 months working on the second edition and I could not even scratch the surface of all the innovation that is happening around BTC”.

This best seller is not for beginners and it is hard to get completely in the Spanish language. If you are looking for an introduction without much technicality, recommend her other book “the Internet of Money”.

2. The method that Crypto ?

Unlike the first, this if is written in Spanish, written by Paul Olóndriz and Carlos Lanuza is little doubt of the fact, that BTC and other criptos are a technological development that has the potential to revolutionize many areas of our lives. In “The Method Crypto“, the authors take you by the hand to learn the easy way all the necessary steps in order to benefit economically from this new paradigm of humanity. And to further distract you in this quarantine for the Coronavirus.

3. Bitcoin for Dummies ?

We all know the famous books of this collection. Therefore, if you are not what you’d expect, there is also one Bitcoin. A book of Wiley Brand that will help us to understand the mechanisms and risk behind Bitcoin in a way so simple that even our grandmothers will want to invest in BTC. With an easy to understand language, gives us a strong understanding of the fate of our money. You will learn the details of trading Bitcoin, how to set up your crypto wallet and everything you need to get started right away, while also adding the chapters needed to learn how to protect yourself against fraud and theft. It is the perfect book for true beginners in this crypto ecosystem; in addition to serving as a distraction to this quarantine by the fault of the Coronavirus

4. Cryptoassets ?

This book, written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar takes us not in the history or the technical side of Bitcoin, but that “Cryptoassets” is a clear and concise guide that shows us how to invest in all the altcoins to ensure our financial future. By the way, do you remember the financial crisis of 2008? “Cryptoassets” says that the publication of the white paper of Bitcoin shortly after it was not a coincidence. Intriguing, isn’t it? What will happen then after the Coronavirus?

5. Bitcoin: From Beginner to Expert ?

As it says in the title of the book written by Christian Newman, “Bitcoin: From Beginner to Expert,” we find an excellent handbook addressed to those who are beginners in the criptoverso. But you want to know more on a single book. Will help you understand the role it can have Bitcoin in the future of the world economy and also recommend it to those who want to know where it came from this amazing technology and what it can do for us. Are you ready to spend all this time in quarantine reading about Bitcoin? Social distancing is one of the tools that we have to fight against the Coronavirus and the cryptocurrencies are the other.

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