According to the researchers, BTC should be up to 2030 400,000$ value, during this Altcoin could even rise to 11.000%

A new study of a Crypto research group, suggests that the Bitcoin price could converge in the next 10 years at a price of 400,000 US dollars. Altcoins, so it is in the report, could follow his bullish example. In particular, an Altcoin could, in spite of this bullish Bitcoin forecast BTC in the shade.

This study was conducted by Professor Dr. Philipp Sandner of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Professor Dr. Alfred Taudes of the Vienna University of Economics (WU) and the editor of Crypto Research Report, Moira Hays,.

How the researchers came to their extremely bullish Bitcoin exchange rate forecast and what Altcoin all other crypto currencies will many times exceed, you can find out here and now.

Bitcoin exchange rate is expected to rise by 2030 4.000%

In the June 2020 issue of Crypto Research Report, the researchers predicted that the Bitcoin could learn the course and other Altcoins like Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin, Cash (BCH) and Stellar (XLM) before 2025, a huge increase that could continue for at least another five years.

In the report it is stated:

We believe that Bitcoin is still in the very beginning of its adoption curve. The price of 7,200 US dollars by the end of 2019 suggests that Bitcoin has penetrated less than 0,44% of its total addressable markets (worth 212 trillion US dollars). If this penetration of 10%, is expected to reach not discounted supply price of Bitcoin almost 400.000$.

At the same time Ethereum around 3600$, Litecoin at$ 2,200, Bitcoin Cash of 13,000$ and Stellar over 8$ will be worth it.

Source: Crypto Research Report Edition X

That would mean for the Bitcoin price to a price increase of more than 4,000% in 2030. But also referred to as Altcoins need using the above values, do not hide. ETH, LTC and BCH see in this scenario, with an increase of approximately 1,600%, 5.000% and. 5.400%, is also extremely bullish times. The largest increase, however, would experience Stellar with XLM. According to this forecast, the Sellar rate would show a rise of more than 11,000%. On this basis, would make a present investment of 9.090,91€ in XML, in the year 2030 a millionaire out of you.

The Liechtenstein-based research group, analyzed crypto-currencies on the basis of their addressable target market (in Engl. target addressable market, abbreviated TAM), to estimate by means of a suitable metric, “the implied future price of Crypto-Assets”. According to the report, the TAMs for crypto-currencies, wire Transfers, tax evasion, Offshore accounts, store of value, Online-transactions, micro-payments, Crypto-trade, gambling, Online gambling, consumer credit, reserve currency and other markets.

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The velocity On-a-Chain decreases, but Off-Chain

The report also observed velocity metrics for Altcoins, as well as On – and Off-Chain, and came to the conclusion that “the number of speculative transactions on the stock exchanges are growing faster than the number of the transactions of the supply company for the purchase of Goods and services”.

The “On-Chain velocity” is a metric that is measured by transactions on a Blockchain, while the “Off-Chain velocity” is determined by the trading activity on Crypto-exchanges.

In the analysis of Bitcoin, the researchers found that the price of the crypto currency and your activity on the stock markets to rise at about the same time.

Source: Crypto Research Report Edition X

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In the report, the researchers concluded:

If crypto-currencies for long-term hoarding purposes or for short-term expenditure for speculation or coffee to be adopted, will increase the price of Crypto-Assets. The low velocity On-Chain, and the high circulation speed Off-Chain suggest that Crypto-Assets are increasingly used for speculative purposes and not as a store of value.

These prospects are likely to favor one or the other Crypto-Investor, and others may be thinking about whether you can afford it, this train is not yet jump. Of course, the future by Definition is uncertain and such, or a similar scenario can be guaranteed under any circumstances. However, walls such as the immense Potential that lies dormant in Bitcoin and some Altcoins. At the same time, it goes without saying that neither this article nor the research report on which this article is based, is intended to constitute a financial recommendation. Do your own research.

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