Altcoin Season final of the table? What needs to happen for a new Altcoin Run

Currently, all eyes are on Bitcoin. But remember also, certainly, the so-called Altcoin Season, even years, not since several months, if overdue. There is currently a real Chance that the market calms down to the extent and Altcoins encounter an increased interest? Or Bitcoin will still specify the tone?

Bitcoin dominance Altcoins in the tray

These are the questions investors ask themselves daily. Of course, the lure is in Altcoins higher than in the case of Bitcoin. Almost every beginner is overloaded in the first Moment of the whole information and the subject-specific terms. You can be tempted, in his ignorance of quite quickly a Coin/Token, which is actually only a good Marketing followed, and any Potential long-term to.Altcoins have a much higher risk than Bitcoin. It’s not just the Track Record, i.e. how long the project is already functional and available to the market, but simply that all Altcoins from Bitcoin exchange rate depend. This is mainly due to the market dominance of BTC, which currently stands at 65.2 percent, according to CoinMarketCap. If we expect the stable coins, and all the little Altcoins that can reach even a trading volume of 1,000 USD on the day out, then the Bitcoin dominance is over 80%.The volatility of Bitcoin made of manifests itself even more extreme on the Altcoins. Firstly, due to the dependence from the king of crypto-currencies, and secondly, due to the lack of liquidity. Thus, courses in both directions with relatively little capital to move. In addition, the price of Altcoins in BTC, in most cases, be calculated and even traded. It is primarily about short – to medium-term gains from trade with Altcoins, in order to have more Bitcoin than before.

How did the Altcoin Season in 2017/2018?

However, in 2017 and 2018, we have seen that even Altcoins are able to achieve strong gains. Since that time, the investors are hooked and are just waiting for the next opportunity to make quick profits with Altcoins to retract. The so-called Altcoin Season makes since to wait. Although there have been a couple of weeks, where Altcoins relatively well, all you have to performed but only in the very short term. We are going to experience something like 17/18 again?This question is of course not exactly the answer, because it is a glimpse into the future. But if we look at the factors that have led to the Altcoin Run in 17/18, then we can create a relatively good assumptions to determine a possible probability for the next Run.In 2017, many of the new investors in the Crypto Space. There were waves of investors have been getting bigger and bigger. One end was hardly in sight. The money was on the streets and no one wanted to miss his Chance to earn money quickly. At this time, actually increased by without exception, all of the Altcoins. The reason for this is quite simple – ignorance. It is at the beginning of the extreme overload of information and not be able to assign even exactly. Suddenly you see in all the Potential. This is not only because of the other Ignorant, give Investment tips but also to the strong Marketing departments of the various Altcoins.You want to buy Bitcoin and you are looking for maximum security “Made in Germany”?Then, the regulated Digital Exchange, the Stuttgart stock exchange is the right choice for you. In addition to low, transparent fees, free deposits and withdrawals, and EUR & BTC, you can find an intuitive operation. Join today for free and see for yourself! Sign up now!

Altcoin Season uncertain – BTC of the “secure” port

To make it short. Personally, I don’t expect any real Altcoins Season before not similar to many investors, such as 2017 are coming in the Crypto Space, and there is a further Hype and/or if the Bitcoin price reached a new all-time high. In addition, I recommend no one to cling to the all-time highs of the various Altcoins. Most will see these highs again. In the next Altcoin of the Season, if you should ever come to be well-performing other projects in 2017.So who wants to put in the Crypto Space on something that is sustainable and stable, without having to worry about corrupt CEOs, and problems in the Technical development of Worry, is with Bitcoin perfectly. It is the “safest” Asset within the crypto market. Diversification does not work within the crypto market. By Altcoins in the Portfolio increases its risk, as there is a strong dependence of Bitcoin is.I rate each of the new in the Space, to deal first of all with Bitcoin. The idea of the basic technology and the added value this ingenious invention sees. Only then it makes sense to deal with other projects. This goes not only through the hard school, but you can also arrange various Altcoins projects. Uses the current Isolation, to educate yourself and make your own thoughts. The can take you at the end, certainly no more.It will come this year to an Altcoin Season?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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