Bitcoin gets ARD stamp – BTC as official currency in a Crisis established

Bitcoin and the ARD could not be more different. The a is more likely to be classified in the niche is a peaceful and silent (financial) Revolution, while the other is a from the broad mass of recognised media channel. How beautiful and genugtuend it would be from the point of view of a Bitcoin Fans, if the ARD currencies over the king of the Crypto-positive would report to the digital Gold of the “Mainstream stamp” would be set up. Is it not? But there is!

Bitcoin in the Mainstream

Last Tuesday, the 28.1.2020 published on the stock exchange.ARD an article with the title “Bitcoin is established as a currency in times of Crisis”. As the article already indicated, we of course went to Bitcoin, more precisely, its function as a “crisis currency”, and “means for a Deposit fluctuations said”. The Link to the article is deposited at the end of the article.
But what is special is not only the content, but because of the is for anyone who regularly reads our articles, nothing New. The special is to be apprehended, that the attributes of Bitcoin are regularly awarded from the Crypto Community, now of the ARD, the public broadcaster of Germany, and confirmed.
Furthermore, the tone in which the article reads is generally very positive. Of the common prejudices against Bitcoin, such as the “use for illegal purposes,” which one often hears from the Mainstream, is not a speech. Quite the contrary: The ARD speaks to Bitcoin Hand and foot.

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Crises as a price driver for Bitcoin

The article notes that Bitcoin seems to show more and more as a hedge against times of crisis. Thus, both the “unforeseeable consequences of the Coronavirus to the world economy”, as well as the “Golf voltages (…) after the killing of a senior Iranian Gernerals” as reasons for the recent be called the upward trend in the Bitcoin exchange rate. To this end, the ARD writes:

The past trade days were a new proof of the fact that cyber currencies as an “alternative asset class” are becoming more and more popular. While the Dax and the Dow declined about sound on Monday in the same, climbed on the various crypto trading venues around the globe, the prices for Bitcoin & co.

Bitcoin as a help against fluctuations in the Depot

But that’s not enough. In addition to the property as “digital Gold” Bitcoin is meant to be, therefore, a good way to protect against large fluctuations in the Depot. No matter whether you are a small investor or big investor, could be a addition of Bitcoin to the Portfolio of a rational Investor for a Consideration value:

Bitcoin offers as an investment alternative, especially for large, but also, and increasingly, small investors, especially the advantage that the currency is not correlated with the classic “Asset classes” such as stocks or bonds.

Halving the potential price driver for 2020?

Furthermore, the article in the ARD takes on the upcoming Halving in may 2020, which is made because of the halving of the Block reward for the Miner and the night to be held in a doubling of the Stock-to-Flow-value, often for the extraordinary phases of growth of the Bitcoin course responsible.
From our point of view it is very positive that Bitcoin has now, officially, the “ARD stamp” pressed and as official “currency in times of Crisis” is referred to. The especially shows that Bitcoin is increasingly established in the Mainstream, and the Adoption is progressing. All in all, Bitcoin seems to be at the moment, so in the truest sense of the word, on the “right course”. We are excited to see what awaits us in the year 2020.

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