Bitcoin price soon to$ 10,000? Telegram GRAM investors shaken, Ripple is losing $ 25 million Investment and the IOTA course on the Brink

Welcome to our crypto Monday of the week in review the KW 2! As usual, this week has again much to report significant and so it is not surprising that we can again come up with a whole range of interesting News for you.
Our topics range from the correlation between the Gold and Bitcoin exchange rate over the Telegram GRAM scandal, the $ 25 million expensive failed investment of Ripple, about the derzeite location of the IOTA course to the 180 degree turn of McAfee with respect to its opinion about the future Potential of the Bitcoin price.

You know probably already now this week had to offer, and as always, it remains exciting in the Crypto-Space.
Of course, this was not Far from everything! However, much more is not revealed at this point, because in the Following, we have you in the usual regalia of the Highlights of the last week bit by bit and easily digestible manner.
But enough of the Preface. A lot of fun with our crypto Monday of the week in review!
Let us know what were for you this week the most exciting, or most important events, and discuss about it with our Community on Telegram.

Bitcoin price analysis: Is the BTC course on the verge of a Pump to$ 10,000 or higher? The correlation between the Gold and Bitcoin price

This week, we have prepared a real treat for you, and although it is the Similarities between Gold and Bitcoin, as well as the resulting rate forecast for the Bitcoin price in the coming days.
The price of gold has risen in the course of the last deepening of the international political Situation greatly, as Gold continues to be one of the most important assets in times of crisis.
We consider the strong correlation between the Bitcoin price and the price of Gold, it could mean that we are on the rise, a a significant price.According to a theory by the analyst and Two Brothers on trading view very much is talking, at the very least.
What exactly is meant by this and how this could be in the Bitcoin exchange rate will reflect, let’s look at in this Bitcoin price analysis in more detail. So it is definitely exciting and all, is worth a look! The Bitcoin price analysis proceed.

Breaking: Telegram scandal – investors are shaken, is the Token GRAM now worthless?

This week have reached us, verily bad news from the Telegram Open Network and the associated GRAM Token. Telegram has not been announced to implement the native Token GRAM for the time being, the Telegram Messenger, and bends to the requirements of the American regulatory Agency, the SEC.
Thus, the most important point, the investors have speculated: seems like the use of the large network of Telegram. The GRAM is a Token quasi-worthless? This and more you will learn in this article

Ripple USD 25 million Investment at the end – XRP Adoption Startup insolvent

Ripple already invested for years in Startups and companies that integrate XRP in your business model. One of these companies, Omni, which has focused on Peer-to-Peer rental of various articles in Uber-style was.
Ripple has invested in January 2018, via its subsidiary, Xpring, 25 million USD in Omni. Overall, the Startup was able to collect at that time, 35 million USD.
Since a few days, but on the official site of the company, a statement that the company has to set up the service completely. What exactly are the backgrounds and what they mean to you in this article.
Read also: Ripple rate analysis: XRP price breaks out of the Formation, but what follows next?

Bitcoin exchange rate forecasts 2019: From 0 to 200,000 USD – who had the Golden ball of glass?

The Golden question at the beginning of the year is always: “How the Bitcoin price stands at the end of the year?” – Who can answer this question 100%, price gets no Nobel, to look forward to but a bulging purse.
In the crypto space, there is a lack not just of courageous CEOs, analysts and experts, to animate a daring forecasts. Therefore, we have let us not take us to look at how good and precise the Bitcoin exchange rate predictions of the past year have been for today. Possibly even an indication of the forecasts, one should also pay in the future belonging to and which are not.
Who could predict the Bitcoin exchange rate successfully? Who was completely wrong? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

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IOTA rate analysis: the IOTA course of its short-term upward trend to continue?

At the end of this week, there was also a market Update around the IOTA course.
In a recent IOTA-rate analysis, we have taken a close look at the current Situation on the market and looked at us, as it is currently ordered in the IoT Coin.
The upward movement for the IOTA course already has come to an end before it has even started properly?
The answer to that you can find in our last IOTA rate analysis.

Bitcoin 2020 for 1 million USD? – John McAfee pulls back bet and rowing against BTC

And where we are on the topic of Bitcoin price: What happened with the bet of McAfee? He is still convinced that the Bitcoin rate will end up with 1 Million USD in 2020?
Apparently, the good man of his daring forecast no longer seems to be so convinced, because McAfee has now withdrawn his prediction for 2020. But that’s not enough, of his world-famous bet he is also the (admittedly not very surprisingly) resigned.
The whole Story behind the 180 degree rotation and why McAfee as a former Bitcoin COP takes on a different direction, you can find out in this article.

What were for you your personal Crypto-this week’s Highlights? Discuss with us in our Telegram Chat and follow our News Channel!

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