Bitcoin will test $12K back soon – put this On-Chain data near

Bitcoin could reach in the coming sessions for $ 12,000 or in addition to, if the activity in the Chain increases.According to the behavior analysis platform Santiment the number of daily active addresses climbed on 3. August to over 1 Million.How Santiment notes, confirmed this to the game room for an upcoming recovery.

Bitcoin castle in the beginning of this week at about $ 12,000, since the sale had increased pressure in the vicinity of this level. The crypto-currency dropped again to $ 10,500 in just to try a further upswing over 11,000$.

As the game of the consolidation lasts for three days in a row, is Santiment that the BTC/USD exchange would test in the coming sessions for $ 12,000, or the area above the referred to levels.

The behavior analysis platform eventually went on to measure the flat Trends of Bitcoin in comparison to the increase in the number of its daily active addresses (DAA).

In retrospect, the active addresses represent the number of unique addresses, the sending of active crypto-currencies and buy.

You increase, this indicates a higher commitment in the network of the crypto-currency. The coupling with a bullish market further suggests that most of the transactions that take place on the Blockchain, to serve the accumulation.

Bitcoins daily active Wallets. Source: Santiment

Santiment has predicted a similar result for Bitcoin, as the DAA on 3. August 1.03 million reached.

This was the third Time since 1. July, as the number of active addresses was increased to over 1 Million. The last Time before July, this is what happened in December 2017 – the month in which Bitcoin will be reached an all-time high of almost US $ 20,000.


“As this number continues to rise, it will serve as a great confirmation of the fact that the price of Bitcoin is justified, the $ 12,000 Dollar range sooner rather than later – and to test the possibly, in addition – again”

Verification of the Bitcoin-DAA-price correlation

For many, the DAA is not a precise indicator of the future price movements of Bitcoin to predict. Anthony Sassano, a co-founder of EthHub, believes that the number of active Bitcoin addresses, because of the UTXO-model of the crypto-currency is artificially inflated.

In retrospect, UTXO is a Backronym for the issue of unspent transactions. The model asks the user to use in every transaction new addresses.

However, traders have ignored these restrictions in the last time in the first place. This became apparent in the 25-percent price jump in the case of Bitcoin, after the DAA at 24. July had risen to over 1 Million.

Nevertheless, a similar incident to the 1 despite. July remained unnoticed, since BTC/USD has rocketed in the weeks after that, only 3 per cent in the height.

The Bitcoin price has jumped 25 percent in the amount, after the DAA had almost exceeded the mark of 1 Million. Source:

Instead, the Bitcoin network experienced an increase in transaction activity and rising Offered for safe investments in comparison to the decline in bond yields and the US Dollar. The crypto-currency was merely a reaction to public speculation.

It says that Bitcoin would provide investors with a safety net against Inflation. The traditional rival of Bitcoin, Gold, jumped from similar reasons, also higher and reached yesterday its all-time high of over $ 2,000 per ounce.

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