Bitpay is not ready to adopt the network, Lightning, and Liquid

In a recent interview regarding the adoption of solutions of parallel chains for the processes of payments, the marketing Director at Bitpay said that his platform was not yet ready to receive solutions outside the current channel. Referring to the Lightning Network, and Liquid Sidechain, Bill Zielk has said that these last were not included ” in the plans or roadmaps current “.

Biptay dodge the solution to LN, and Liquid

The payment service provider BTC american Bitpay incorporate the new solutions out channels in the near future. This declaration was proclaimed by the marketing director of the platform, Bill Zielk, in the context of an interview with Kyle Torpey.

In this case, Zielk was spread on the good dynamic of the activities of Bitpay, as well as the evolution of the market of Bitcoin, before explaining that the current solutions will scale as Lightning or a Liquid do not form part of the priorities.

“Lightning Network and Liquid sidechain are not included in our plans or road maps current, but we always evaluate new innovative alternatives, and collect customer feedback on the use case, importance and priority. “Says-t it.

The network Lightning would it be essential for processors of payments for BTC ?

In the Face of the insensitivity of Bitpay to the solutions of layers proposed by Lightning, and Liquid, some observers believe that the time for thinking was up. Recently, the specialist of Bitcoin, John Carvalho declared that the regarded companies focused on BTC, which do not provide a future integration of Lightning ” do not really care of Bitcoin “.

Note, however, that Bitpay culminates at the top of the current market for payments in BTC and is not likely to falter in the next few months. As explained in Zielk,

“Bitpay has launched PAX, GUSD and USDC last year and BUSD this year (…)Since then, Bitpay has seen the stablecoins to reach approximately 2% of its overall volume in dollars and has successfully handled thousands of transactions stablecoin “.

What do you think of the position of Bitpay in the face of the network, Lightning, and Liquid ? Give your opinion in the comments section.

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