Bullish on Bitcoin: The money printers the Fed are on the verge of collapse

The balance sheet of the Federal Reserve has increased, as shown below, within a very short period of time by an amazing 40%.

Around 1.5 trillion dollars added to the $ 4 trillion – and the Fed’s balance sheet has increased by the largest money printing of the story in the last decade, more than five times.
The four large Central banks have the incredible fortune of 20 trillion dollars – and that was before the current crisis, than was expected, that is a huge jump in printing of new money would be reported.

“B-52-money”, such as the Bomber – so Yardeni Research calls this incredible expansion of Central Bank balance sheets. To do this, Edward Yardeni writes:

“QE4ever, to infinity and beyond! In contrast to the Great financial crisis, the fiscal and monetary responses to the Major virus-crisis were immediate and unprecedented. The extent of the stimulation is so powerful that I call it as a B-52-money.“

This mass devaluation of Fiat money is likely to blow huge Assets, and there is the risk that in a very short period of time by the Flooding of the market to an enormous Inflation.
Hard assets such as Bitcoin or Gold could come by for many investors may be in the back rather than hedging and for the better maintenance of value of the question.
As China has devalued, for example, the CNY intentionally, Bitcoin skyrocketed. Also at that time, the devaluation happened during the halving in 2016 and we are now about four weeks from the next halving removed.
Europe and America are taken together, in about about four times as large as China’s economy. The Euro and the Dollar will be devalued, this could leave the hard Assets, therefore, as never before in the height fast.
Not least because the distribution has begun of this “B-52”-money just. It is therefore to be expected that much more of it made its way to the masses – until the money printers collapse.

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