Coinbase tried to persuade customers to up to 280 000 dollars to Twitter, the hackers sent out

According to the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was a little close to 1,100 clients had a total of about 285.700 usd (30,4 bitcoins) is sent to the Twitter hacking. That’s more than twice as much as the 121.000 dollars, which the hackers had been received. Told by Philip Martin of Forbes, he is the Chief Information Security Officer at Coinbase.

Still, for customers looking for the scam it fell to the

All of the measures in force could be Coinbase does not prevent 14 of the scam problem. This customer sent in a total of three thousand dollars, bitcoins, or before, Coinbase is the receiver address, the hackers had geblacklist.

Also, the customers of the Twin towers, Cracking, and Binance tried the bitcoins to the address of the attacker is to send it in, but they were there in less than Coinbase. Well, at least according to Philip Martin. Of all the exchanges, almost immediately, the same measure was taken: in the ship to address of the anti-hacker, so no one’s bitcoins could be sent.

Bitcoins are, at this moment, mixed together

But where is the stolen bitcoin is supposed to go? Some of the stolen bitcoins have been to the exchange is lost, the other coins to a bitcoin mixers such as the double magic wallet.

Tom Robinson is the co-founder of Elliptic, up to The Block, he says the following: “We have seen that a small number of bitcoins to a known, controlled cryptobeurzen go.” Because of the sensitive information, he said no to the exhibition, it is going to.

Further, about 22 per cent of all stolen bitcoins to a Wasabi Account, in order to be mixed. Due to you get bitcoins are to be mixed in with other bitcoins, you can find the origin of your coins to cover it up.

Some people do this with the best intentions, simply because they want to have their privacy. But the hackers are doing it, probably because they have their bitcoins wanting to cash out. If the origin cannot be traced back, can exchange is not able to see the stolen bitcoins are going to.

But in the meantime, there are plenty of services that are in the blockchain of bitcoin down to the last detail to be able to analyze, consider, for example, Chainalysis. If the hackers want to do something with their bitcoins, then they need to proceed with caution. All over the world to watch.

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