Do you Control your life instead of cryptocurrencies?

If you could, would you like to give control of your life instead of cryptocurrencies? Would you be able to? Alex Masmej has not hesitated for a second response.

Today we introduce you to Alex Masmej, who last June 15, published on Medium, a article where he presents “Controls my life”. Yes, literally the owners of their own criptomoneda, $ALEX, can vote for the next daily habit of Masmej. What a madness?

Surrender control of your life, how lucrative?

On the 12th of April, Alex published a Tweet in which he announced that his initial offer of $ALEX had raised $20,000 and between 29 participants.

Masmej claims not to be the first person to have a similar idea. Mike Merrill was the first person quoted on the stock exchange in 2008. Another was James Gallagher, who allowed the people to choose their diet.

In this case, the particular difference is that Masmej is using tokens in Ethereum to be sold.


The rules imposed by Masmej are that only people who have $ALEX can vote. Therefore, 1 $ALEX = 1 vote. Obviously, the more tokens you have, the greater the power that you have about Alex and his life.

According to the article by Alex in the Medium, he bet that the people who invest in him will desire the good because they have their money at stake. Therefore, “if they are sufficiently rational, they would like for their investment to appreciate”.

Now the question is, what things really work well? We know that they could acquire the tokens, not as an investment with the aim of profit, but solely for entertainment and there things are likely to be murky.

However, in his time, Masmej told Decrypt “feel free to control myself”.

What obligation?

It is worth noting that for the moments Masmej continues to have the final decision on your life. He is the one who at the end decides whether or not the action, although theoretically it is committed no one can make you.

There is also an interesting detail and is how can you ensure that it complied with the shares voted. You can send photos as evidence, but no one monitors him at all times. (For the moment).

Alex ensures that the idea is that their investors trust and believe in him. In fact, in an interview with CoinDesk said that your reputation is at stake.

However, despite the risks, Masmej ensures that your motivation lies in his desire to change the world by building a profitable business that has a positive impact.

In fact, the amount collected in April was used to travel to San Francisco, where she plans to start her technology company.

What will you do? Would you be able to give control of your life instead of cryptocurrencies?

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